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Mimi Rocah Statement on DA’s Hiring of Donor on “Bad Cops List” to High-Level Intel Post

Urges DA to Come Clean on Hiring, Explain Decision to Selectively Release List to Only One Media Source Instead of Fully Releasing List to Public

Westchester, NY — The race for Westchester County District Attorney is heating up. DA candidate Mimi Rocah, who served for 16 years as a federal prosecutor including running the Westchester Office of the Department of Justice under President Obama, released a statement, Thursday morning (see below) in response to a news report revealing incumbent DA Anthony Scarpino had appointed as Director of the Westchester Intel Center* one of his campaign donors, Andrew W. Ludlum. Ludlum is a former FBI official who is on Scarpino’s own Adverse Credibility List**,(commonly called a “bad cops list”) because of a “lack of candor” finding against Ludlum in an official proceeding. Ludlum had personally contributed funds to Scarpino’s election, as had a number of his immediate family members.

“This shows profoundly poor judgment on the part of Mr. Scarpino. As a prosecutor, I know that credibility is crucial—in witnesses, in your intel, and in your professional conduct. Of all the qualified people in law enforcement, why would the DA appoint someone to run his intel center who could not testify if needed, and whose credibility has been found to be unreliable in an official proceeding? Those in DA executive positions, sought by many in law enforcement, must always be of the highest integrity. You need to be able to trust that every bit of information you get from them, or that they share with colleagues in law enforcement, is accurate, trustworthy, and unimpeachable. Promoting and elevating officials with such significant trust issues sends the wrong message to the public and law enforcement, and undermines the credibility of the DA’s office itself. 

The DA’s decision to reward an individual who violated the public’s trust is also unfair to the vast majority of people in law enforcement who do their job with integrity, honesty and dedication.  As DA, I will be fully transparent, but will also partner with law enforcement to work together to maintain the highest standards of integrity in our criminal justice system. This integrity is vital if we are to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities we serve, especially communities of color which have borne the brunt of the excesses of mass incarceration and unequal enforcement of our laws.

Further, the fact that Mr. Scarpino chose to share this list with only a single media source instead of the public is indicative of the lack of real transparency by the DA’s office. Official data, such as this list, is not something to be leaked at the discretion of the DA to further his political needs of the moment.  

I urge the DA to help restore trust in his office by explaining exactly how Mr. Ludlum’s appointment occurred, and to return past contributions from Mr. Ludlum and his immediate family.”

*The Intel Center is supposed to serve as a clearinghouse for all federal, state, and local police agencies within Westchester County to share intelligence on crimes including homicides, robberies, rape, burglaries, animal cruelty, narcotics, and elder financial abuse.

**Maintained by District Attorneys, an Adverse Credibility List is a list of officers who have had adverse credibility findings against them and who, therefore, are not able to testify at trial.

Black Westchester asked the question last week why DA Scarpino has not released the bad cop list like his counterparts in NYC. Scarpino has since released the list but shared it with Lohud and other Westchester and NYC media outlets like The Gothamist but has yet to give a copy to Black Westchester despite our requesting a copy.

DA Scarpino has also yet to accept an invitation to appear on our People Before Politics Radio Show as of yet. Mimi Rocah appeared on PBP Radio, Sunday, January 26th.

**** Update Thursday 6:49 PM *****

After the publication of this article, a spokesperson for DA Scarpino’s campaign office did reach out to us with a brief statement;

“It is disgraceful for Mimi Rocah to attack a decorated war veteran who had a stellar career in the FBI for her own political gain, but it’s not surprising given her background working for the Bush and Trump Justice Departments. For Mimi Rocah to sling mud without knowledge of the facts indicates a poisonous win at all cost mindset that is dangerous for prosecutors.”

They also furnished Black Westchester with the Bad Cop List, which we will be publishing in a separate post. We are currently waiting on confirmation of Scarpino Interview ob PBP Radio end of March or early April.


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