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Min. Farrakhan “The Best Woman That’s Ever Been In That White House Is Coming Out Of It In A Few Months”

Washington D.C. – There are two “very evil people” who are the main contenders for the U.S. presidency, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned guests attending the Union Temple Baptist Church annual Men’s Day, in Washington D.C. on Sunday, September 18th.

During the State of Emergency; A Call To Action, Minister Farrakhan deals with the two main presidential candidates, when he gets to Hillary Clinton, Min Farrakhan tell Union Temple Baptist Church;

“Now I’m not telling you not to vote, I’m just telling you, you should know what the hell you voting for. Hillary spoke yesterday I think it was, and she put her faith in the hands of black woman, black people. So is she don’t get in, you betrayed her. Now she’s counting on you, cause she’s a woman and you’re a woman, and you want to see a woman in the white house. The best woman that’s ever been in the white house is coming out of it in a few months…”

Watch the video below. To see the entire State of Emergency: A Call To Action, click here.


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