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The Marcucilli Shooting Exposes Biased Disciplinary Practices Pertaining To Black Officers IN MVPD

How Can Marcucilli Be Cleared And Black Officers Credibility Be Called To Questions
And Never Officially Cleared After No Wrong-Doings Were Found!

Michael Marcucilli - Facebook PicOn Friday, Oct. 24th Black Westchester exclusively named MVPD’s million-dollar-man, Sgt. Michael Marcucilli as one of the officers in the shooting of Anthony Smith, who police described as an emotionally disturbed black male wielding a knife.

In press conference Friday afternoon in the Mayor’s Conference Room at City Hall, Mayor Davis and Commanding Officer Captain Edward Adinaro would not confirm or deny that Marcucilli was one of the officers involved in the shooting after being asked repeatedly by Samuel L. Rivers of Mount Vernon Exposed. Monday Oct. 27th the Journal New’s Jonathan Bandler, ( – @JonBandler) confirms what we reported Friday, that Marcucilli who has a history of excessive force complaints was in fact involved in the shooting.

The Journal News names the other officer involved in the shooting to be Timothy Briley.

Three federal lawsuits since 2008 have named 19-year veteran and ranking officer, Marcucilli, including two in which juries found he used excessive force. And the plaintiff in a fourth case that does not name the sergeant insists it was Marcucilli who beat him up outside a city nightclub in 2008, but that police crafted reports to hide Marcucilli’s involvement because he had been accused in similar cases.

In February 2009 Marcucilli was among the officers who responded to A.B. Davis Middle School when 12-year-old Vanney Allen and two friends were found inside after school hours. Allen claimed Marcucilli hit him in the head with his baton and sued the city. After the jury awarded $500,000 in 2012, the city appealed and Allen’s mother settled for $250,000 from the city and $25,000 from Marcucilli reported Bandler in The Journal News.

Marcucilli’s continued employment has become symbolic of what critics call a lack of accountability in the department, particularly in the wake of Mayor Ernest Davis’ firing of Police Commissioner Carl Bell in 2013, Jonathan Bandler states in an earlier article in

After the outrage from Mt. Vernon community over the firing over Carl Bell, it was reported by Newsday, that Mt. Vernon city administration purposely leaked that officers that were born and raised in Mt. Vernon were involved with gangs which lead to the officers in question, being investigated by the FBI.

Family members of active and retired MVPD Officers that were born and raised in MV have continuous questioned the blanket statement about their alleged gang affiliations, and have repeatedly requested an apology from Mayor Davis and the City council with no avail. Since 2013 not one black officers born and raised in Mt. Vernon have been charged of any crime.

The question has to be asked how is white officers like Marcucilli who has been named in several excessive-force lawsuits, costing the city $930,000 plus who has are still on the force and black officers who were born and raised in Mount Vernon have had their credibility called to question. This undermines the ability of the black officers to do their job properly, with the allegations that have never been dismissed by the management of MVPD over their head.

Mayor Davis told the Journal News, Sunday evening that Marcucilli had been cleared in past complaints and “deemed of service to the police.” But no such statement has been made by Davis or MVPD management about the black officers who still have the allegations hanging over their head, even after being investigated by the FBI and no wrong-doings were found against black officers.

“I thinks its damn shame! I thinks it’s embarrassing,” retired decorated MVPD Detective Anthony Mitchel tells Black Westchester. “I think the Department of Justice needs to look into the management of the MVPD. There are too many irregularities in terms of promotions, awards and training, it appears all too often to be biased. The investigations of black officer with alleged gang affiliations and not looking into other officers with possible ties with organized crime. Lastly the promotion of officers with who constantly get in trouble with bars fights, DWIs, civil rights abuses etc, it lowers the trust between the police and the community.”

What the City of Mount Vernon under Mayor Davis’ administration has failed to do was hold an officer, who cost the city almost a million dollars in taxpayers’ money, who repeatedly violated the rights of the people, he is paid to protect, accountable. Now that same officer is involved in a questionable shooting. How can the City of Mount Vernon question the credibility of Black cops, allow this officer to still work in the department.

“This shooting in indicative of what I said a month of ago at the City Council meeting with the actions of MVPD leading us into a possible Fergerson-type situation,” says Mitchell.

Capt. Christopher Calabrese, Westchester County Police Captain of Detectives who is heading the investigation of the shooting of Smith has been described by few black officers including Mithcell as a man of respect and integrity. “Any investigations done by the Westchester County Detectives are done thoroughly, completely and they’re all transparent,” Capt. Calabrese told BlackWestchester after Friday’s press conference. The bringing in Calabrese to head the investigation will hopefully bring out all evidence found to light and prevent any  possible Ferguson-type situation that Mitchell spoke of, from any appearance of a cover-up from the MVPD.


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