May 30, 2023
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Michael Bloomberg Has Found a New $5 Million Mission: Helping Gov. Hochul and New York’s New Stop and Frisk

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Mr. Bloomberg, the billionaire and former mayor of New York City, has secretly provided funding to a nonprofit that is inundating the airwaves with advertisements supporting the budget plans proposed by Governor Kathy Hochul.

During broadcasts of “Jeopardy!” and college basketball’s March Madness tournament, sleek advertisements in the style of political campaigns have been playing continuously. They promote the agenda of New York Governor Kathy Hochul, which comes at a high financial cost. And at the end of each, a teeny-tiny note reveals that they are paid for by an American Opportunity organization, which has a dull sound.

The growing partnership between Mr. Bloomberg, a corporate magnate, three-term mayor, and Ms. Hochul might be as significant as unexpected. Ms. Hochul is a Democrat from Buffalo who is still attempting to build a connection with New York voters. Even though he has become one of the most generous supporters to Democrats nationally, his current focus is on a New York budget that includes legalization that would have unintended negative consequences for people of African descent in the state.

Mr. Bllomberg’s million dollars are going toward supporting the state’s proposed $227 billion budget, which includes Gov. Kathy Hochul’s endorsement of a ban on menthol and flavored cigarettes and a proposed hike of one dollar in the tax rate for each pack of cigarettes.

However, in budget ideas made by Democrats in both chambers, the provision was not included in their spending plans, which are scheduled to be voted on. On April 1st, it is anticipated that a final budget compromise will be reached.

It is even evident now how anti-tobacco advocates have moved around New York proposing local county and state governments to prohibit just menthol cigarettes, which people of color smoke at a rate of 80 percent, and are calling it vital to assist reduce the number of people who are smoking in New York.

Their recent defeat was in Westchester County, where Westchester County Executive George Latimer vetoed the menthol ban and questioned the unintended consequences of this type of legislation.

However, the Teamsters Union and representatives from many business organizations, such as convenience store chains, have stated that the ban would hurt their business operations and cause law enforcement to target individuals of color. Even African-American law enforcement officers in other parts of New York have called it the New Stop and Frisk!

Gwen Carr Speaking on the steps of NYC City Hall

Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Gardner, has been sounding the alarm all over New York State, warning of the unintended consequences of the menthol ban.

“Our communities need reform and education, not racial profiling and increased police interaction. When women and activists stand together, systems change, and barriers are dismantled,” said Gwen Carr. “Our elected officials must pass legislation that helps heal and to do better for our communities.”

Despite this, the congressional budget proposals maintained the $1 tax hike. With this change, the current cigarette tax would increase from $4.35 to $5.35, making New York the state with the highest cigarette tax.

In this instance, it appears that the attempt was coordinated by political strategists who are in charge of the Democratic Governors Association, and Ms. Hochul’s political team gave their approval for the endeavor.

American Opportunity and the Democratic Governors Association, a national organization that previously assisted in directing millions of dollars in secret funding to Ms. Hochul’s election last autumn, share an address, a treasurer, a spokeswoman, and an executive between themselves. American Opportunity is also associated with the Democratic Governors Association. Tucker Green, considered one of the essential fund-raisers for the Governor’s campaign, has also been calling contributors to promote the group.

Christina Amestoy has been identified as a senior consultant for American Opportunity and worked as a spokesman for the Democratic Governors Association. According to AdImpact, a media tracking company, American Opportunity has set aside $2.93 million to spend on television advertisements throughout the state.

Your Democratic Governor’s office in New York has been bought and paid for by millionaires at the expense of the state’s Black population and the New Stop and Frisk.

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