Councilman Richard Thomas Addresses Memorial Field Renovation

After we posted our latest Memorial Field update, Walk Thru With Commissioner Anthony Bove, Mount Vernon City Councilman Richard Thomas agreed to meet with us in the Best Buys parking lot over looking Memorial Field. After the interview we were scheduled to take a tour of MF.

Thomas addressed everything from his concerns over the progress of the renovations, OSHA regulations, workers not properly dressed (no hard hats, gloves, mask and boots), the possible removal and disposal of asbestos without permits, public safety, as well as rumors he was discrediting Ernie Davis because of his was making a run for the mayoral seat himself.

We discussed $2,562,381.20 of the $3.4 million advanced by the county that was spent by Aug 26, 2013, according to a report generated by Mount Vernon’s Chief Accountant, George Townsend. Mt. Vernon is over budget a year later since Commissioner Bove told us last week the balance of funds haven’t been released by Westchester County Exec, Rob Astorino.


During the end of interview, Water Commissioner Anthony Bove came across the street and joined the conversation, which lead to a heated debate. While there are still many questions yet to be answered, one things was painfully clear, the city administration is still divided and not on the same page at least where Memorial Field is concerned.


Stay Tuned Black Westchester will continue to bring you any further developments or delays in the Memorial Field renovations. Check out all our coverage on Memorial Field

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act), employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace. OSHA’s mission is to assure safe and healthful workplaces by setting and enforcing standards, and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Employers must comply with all applicable OSHA standards. Employers must also comply with the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act, which requires employers to keep their workplace free of serious recognized hazards. Click here for more info on OSHA or The OSH Act


  • I’ve been on So Cal since 83 and didn’t think there was any place more misdirected then LA or DC. It is sad real sad

  • Wow I just saw those interviews. What the hell is going on back there. Is the whole city this bad now?

    • It is a big joke Ira the electorate is so sheepish as to fall for this stuff over and over. For a few election cycles Davis would parade out a model of a hotel he said was a Chinese funded project that would transform MV, and the voters kept buying that (as if it could ever be)… Now each election cycle, fake work gets done on Memorial Field. All work will halt, literally the day after the election; that is my prediction as that is what happened 4 years ago. Oddly though, nobody is running against him as far as I know… It would need to be a primary as there is no republican party at all in MV. So I suspect that Thomas has designs on the office.

    • Ira – Ok you got me going… The big problem as I see it is that 1) People really don’t have the time to figure out what is really going on because they are trying to get through their own life and 2) The press in Westchester, as I believe the rest of the country, have completely abdicated their responsibility to inform the electorate in favor of pursuing profits in the form of ad rates correlated to ratings and in that pursuit, they become part of the story.

      • I do hope I’m wrong, but ever since they started to let the complex just rot away I felt that the design was to continue to commercial expansion that started across the street……Again, the city should have never let Memorial Field deteriorate to the degree it did. When I visited there in June of 2000 I was horrified by it’s condition. I hadn’t been there since 1972 and back then it needed some upkeep . Shameful really.

  • Yeah for real… Its election time coming up… Time for them to spew all the bulletin!

  • Water Commissioner Anthony Bove is a scary guy. What a shame. Richard Thomas for Mayor. It is time for a new Mount Vernon.

  • Rich don’t argue with fools! What a complete jackass that dude is

  • Much love fam ,, you came a long way god bless you & the fam keep up the good work bro

  • I hear you talking about crime in Mount Vernon. How about the auxiliary.

  • Right On, Brother!!! I’m proud of your stand and your absolutely correct. The 5 W’s are needed! Let’s not waste tax dollars. Politicians, DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!

  • I’m at the point where I’ll go to the attorney general and demand an investigation into all this mess; because who the hell can we believe or trust in this matter.

  • Thomas is skilled at speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He certainly has changed his tune on this issue. A short while ago, he sat silent as his city council colleague declared that the asbestos had already been removed from the site. He has voted for every budget request brought to the city council by the mayor related to Memorial Field. If Thomas is now serious about holding the mayor accountable, let’s see him act on his own proposal to bring in the Attorney General.

  • The mayor and his cronies are dirty as the day is long…

  • Really!!!!! a freakin pro tennis court prior to bringing back our beloved Memorial Field. How many MV residents other the Mr. Ernie Davis actually play tennis 10 if that. This Idiot is the Mt. Vernon Water Dept Comm??? He sounds like the same fast talking coke head swindler he was years ago when he owned the worst pizzeria in MV on E. 3rd St. First, if anyone actually knew this characters past and why or how he even has a city job is beyond me. Second, the title Water Dept Comm is a joke. There wasn’t even a title / a position until a few years ago because the position wasn’t & still isn’t needed. It’s the same old BS again,someone in charge giving another compleatly incompitant person a unnecessary salary. (Complete waste of tax payer money). Maybe it’s me but it always seems that it’s this same young council person that is speaking out for the MV community. I never hear or see the other chair warmers or dust collectors doing ANYTHING. Once in a while we’ll hear them saying the right thing at the right time to the right camera. Besides maybe this young fella does have his own personal agenda (He should) for “The City”. When is “The Mount Vernon community” going to stand up against these other BS politicians that say & definitely don’t do anything for “Our City”. Once again I’m embarrassed to call this city my home!!!

  • Pat, this is so simple…. Work stops the day after election day. Water commish likes his job… any questions?
    PS: Mr Thomas was careful not to be too direct in his comments…. He too would like to keep his council position, so no internal fights will be permitted.

  • I still want to know is how in the hell is The Water Commissioner in charge of such a complicated and high profile project like this ??? Also Aqua Comish Bove is an idiot and when the shit hits the fan he’s going to be the fall guy for the Mayor. Councilman Thomas has his own personal career agenda od course however he’s asking all the right questions…

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