June 6, 2023
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MF Update: Memorial Field Still Unsecured, Fallout From Illegal Dumping Continues In The New Year

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Andre Wallace [Black Westchester]Memorial Field, Mount Vernon — Newly elected Councilman André Wallace visited Memorial Field, Thursday to assess the damages from the illegal dumping and examine what is needed to complete the renovations of the stadium.

With shovel in hand, accompanied by Joe Pemberton, Mount Vernon’s Department of Public Works, Architectural Designer, Wallace a contractor and developer by trade, digs deeper into the mounds of dirt to further discover of the extent of the debris being dumped illegally.

Under the Item 4 gravel, disguise to hide the rubbish that lay beneath it, much to their surprise Wallace and Pemberton found everything from car parts including full cars tires with rims, mattresses, shoes, sandals and bricks in just the few hours there.

Councilman Wallace vows to bring those who are doing the illegal dumping to justice.

Wallace echoes the sentiments of the Mayor-Elect Thomas and County Legislator Lyndon Williams, last month; that those who are found doing the dumping should be held responsible for the clean-up and removal of the debris and the cost should not fall on the shoulders of the residents of Mount Vernon.

“I don’t believe the tax payers should have to suffer the burden regarding the expense  the clean-up from this criminal act,” Wallace tells BW. “Those who are found guilty will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Wallace promises.

During the walk-through, Wallace consulted with the contractors, to determine what their estimated timetable for completion of the Tennis Clubhouse and the Tennis Bubble would be, so the focus can shift to the clean-up and then full renovation of the track and field, that residents have profoundly missed the most.

With no gate in place, Wallace was disappointed that there’s still nothing to stop anyone from entering the stadium, to either deter illegal dumping or keep the public out, so no one suffers injury.

“It’s still wide open and unsecured,” Wallace shares his concerns with BW. “Where anyone can walk or drive in.”

It appears the illegal dumping continue in Memorial Field, as we transition into yet another administration. As promised BW will continue to cover the renovation and keep the public informed. We invited the councilman to appear on People Before Politics Radio this Sunday to further explain his findings.

Wallace also previously released an independent report just before Christmas on his finding after doing a thoroughly comprehensive investigation to inform the public what’s going on. (View below or click to download a copy).

Memorial Report Public

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Perry January 8, 2016 at 7:13 AM

Any comment from the new Mayor on Councilman Wallace report? Your piece still says Mayor-Elect.

Black Westchester January 8, 2016 at 8:36 AM

It says the then, Mayor-Elect, because that’s what he was in December when he made the comment that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for the removal


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