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Message to Jason Whitlock, Ray Lewis and all other Slave Mentality Black Sports Anchors

Saying do you want to play football or Activist is like Saying You want to be a Slave or you want to be Free!

It is incomprehensible that Black men on national TV will co-sign the resentment of the NFL and team owners for their corporate castration in their refusal to sign Colin Kaepernick when he’s using his constitutional rights to speak on unjust killings of Black and Brown people by Law Enforcement.

For Ray Lewis to tweet that Kaepernick “should either make up his mind? Do you want to play football or be an activist”, is unacceptable to the masses of black people in the many black communities that suffer the continuous injustices.

BEST SEGMENT YOU MISSED: @RayLewis: Colin Kaepernick has to make up his mind. Does he want to play football or be an activist?


From listening to these black anchors they might as well said, “You want to be a slave or you want to be free?”

We say to you Ray Lewis; it was the Black community (Activists) who supported you when you pleaded guilty to “Obstruction of Justice”, a crime, and was still able to go on and have a victorious career.

Kaepernick has committed no crime other than being a conscious person, something that you and every other black athlete or sports anchor should be doing because so many black children look up and admire you while the killing of these same children by police is a continuing reoccurrence.

Or maybe you will feel different if a family member was shot, killed or beaten, all on video-tape, and no matter how much money you have there is no justice for your loss.

Maybe, just maybe, Colin Kaepernick would be signed if Black Anchors and Athletes stood up like men and collectively say that what the NFL is doing to our brother is wrong but by not you have conceded to a corporate racist castration and institutional slavery co-signed by black athletes and sports anchors.

This type of talk from any black man in the public light, in an age that police shootings of black man have become more American as Apple pie gives evidence that our public sports figures are like many of our leaders; Culturally Conditioned to White Supremacy and especially White Corporate Supremacy; the money.

As a national organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we continue to call for the Boycott of the NFL and its sponsors if Colin Kaepernick is not signed.

The recent comments from sports commentators like Ray Lewis and Jason Whitlock make it clear that it is not about Kaepernick ability to play, it is about his consciousness.




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