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Memorable Black Fathers in Movies

These unforgettable onscreen portrayals of black dads have helped to change the narrative.

Furious Styles (Laurence Fishburne) didn’t flinch at keeping it real with his son Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr.). Among his words of wisdom for Tre: “Any fool with a d*** can make a baby, but only a real man can raise his children.”

Most people received their whole being thanks to the speeches Furious Styles’s “The More you know” in Boyz n the Hood. When it comes to being a father, Laurence Fishburne’s character embodies almost the entire Dad concept; loving the person, who engages in honest dialogues with children –even when they do not wish to hear it at times. Furious with is commanding presence and voice of reason is just what his community needed.

Furious Styles is not just Tre Style’s responsible father, he is also Tre’s mentor. He has earned his son’s respect by setting firm rules for his household, not to be a feared dictator dad, but to save his son’s life. Tre is given room to evolve into his own man and make his own decisions, as long as they don’t involve guns and drugs.

Furious is not afraid of the razor edges of his neighborhood; he wants to stick around and lead by setting a positive example. The audience is never informed of Furious’ educational background, but his mix of block smarts and book smarts earns him enough credits to get a degree in legalized survival. Mr. Styles manages to teach Tre about everything he needs to learn to navigate his neighborhood, from racial profiling to gentrification.

Furious is Tre’s guardian in every sense of the word — including guarding him. He is totally against the violence that is lowering the property value and life expectancy of his South Central L.A. ‘hood, but he also understands the true purpose for violence — self-defense. John Singleton helps change the narrative of the portrayal the Black Father with the character Furious Styles.


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