June 10, 2023
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Race-For-MayorSeven enter the race for the top spot in Mount Vernon politics, the mayoral seat. Over the past week or so, Mt. Vernon residents have been bombarded with clipboard wielding representatives of each candidate in an attempt to secure enough signatures (1000 is needed I believe) to obtain a spot on the upcoming ballot. Candidates have shown up everywhere, including church services on Sunday (mayoral candidates Davis, Clinton & Hassell-Thompson as well as four of the City Council candidates Wallace, Boykins, Copeland and Monroe all spoke at the 9:30 service of Greater Centennial) for a chance to convince residents they are the answer to Mt. Vernon’s problem and they can take the city to where it needs to be. You know the why-you-should-vote-for-me-driveby-appearance.

you vote is your voiceIt can be a little dizzying as you are bombarded with non-stop campaign promises from some candidates who only make you feel like your voice counts this time of the year. To the point several Mount Vernonites have recently told BW they weren’t voting because it won’t make a difference. That is not the answer. First if you do not vote you voice doesn’t count and you can’t complain about the results and are left to settle for whatever you get. Secondly win or lose, you tell the candidates what you do want.

election headquartersSince my phone has been ringing off the hook, I received several emails, text messages and Facebook messenger beeps all day with alerts of message from many asking who I am personally and who BW is endorsing. Seeing some many not sure which direction to go and have more questions than answers with all the candidates hitting the streets, we decided we needed to be more pro active.

Let me start off saying I, AJ Woodson, Editor-In-Chief have not publicly endorsed anyone in the mayoral race as of date and I too am waiting for the signature and petition process to be completed, so we can see first, who makes the ballot. Secondly BW isn’t endorsing any mayoral candidate at this point. One, we have been asked to host one of the upcoming debates and it would be unethical to endorse a mayoral candidate before then and we are just covering as many of the candidates as we can (too many things going on to be everywhere).

you decideWe covered several of the candidates press conferences (some are full coverage, a few its just a portion but it’s what we have) and we decided to post in the videos one after the other so you can hear from the candidates themselves, we are also inviting each candidates to PBP Radio to interview each one (who accepts the invite) so you can make a more informed decision. So while I can not tell you who to vote for as EIC of BW or personally, but we can show you whose who and let you hear from the candidates yourself.

Now the hard work is on you. You have to watch the videos, do your own research, ask the hard questions and go to or when you can watch the debates and see who you think will make the best Mayor for Mount Vernon. Here is our first of many MEET THE CANDIDATES articles.

I present to you the Mayoral Candidates of Mount Vernon part one….

– City Councilwoman Debra Reynolds was he first to officially throw her hat in the ring. We only found out when you did in an article in Lohud on April 9th that talked about the Reynolds and Hassell-Thompson being first to challenge the Mayor for his seat. We did catch her speaking at a recent Fleetwood Citizens Society meeting and have extended an invitation for her to appear on PBP Radio. Website

Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson announces her candidacy on steps of City Hall on April 10th, as she attempts to make history as the first black female to hold the mayoral seat. [Full Speech] – Twitter, Facebook

Mayor Ernie Davis announced his candidacy on step of City Hall, Wednesday May 13th [Full Speech] Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

– After rumors he was running since at early as August 2014, Councilman Richard Thomas formally announces his candidacy on steps of city hall, Saturday, May 16, 2015. [Video of Press Conference]. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– Maureen Walker announces her candidacy at BBQ in her backyard [unfortunately we did not arrive in time to record the press conference but have extended an invitation for her to appear on PBP Radio, feel free to leave questions you would like us to ask in comment section below] We did catch Walker at a Fleetwood Citizens Society meeting recently and here is what she spoke about. Twitter, Facebook

– Damon K. Jones received an email that Marc Stuckey was running for Mayor while during the People Before Politics Radio Sunday May 24th. We have no video yet of him speaking to share, but are extending an invitation for him to appear on PBP Radio for an interview (feel free to leave any questions you may want us to ask him in the comment section below). Facebook
marc stuckey

Former Mayor Clinton Young Announces His Candidacy in Mount Vernon Mayoral Race At Memorial Field, Saturday May 30, 2015 the seventh candidate to enter the race. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Banner-060815Again feel free to leave any feedback, concerns or questions you have for the candidates below in comment section. Be sure to state if it’s a question for a particular candidate or for all. Stay tuned to BW during the entire election season, we will do our best to get you the answers to your questions or address any concerns you may have. Stay tuned to BW throughout the election season for any news, updates, events, press conferences, fundraisers and anything you may need to know about the candidates to help you make an informed decision. This is a very important local election that will have a major impact in the future of the great city of Mount Vernon, New York!

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