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Mayor Thomas and The Melee at Mount Vernon High School

Fights break out after Mayor's unauthorized visit with rapper Fatboy who makes it rain!

While details are still sketchy, a melee ensued at Mount Vernon High School, Friday afternoon after an impromptu visit from Mount Vernon Mayor Richard W. Thomas and a rapper by the name of Fatboy SSE, whom Mayor Thomas made Mayor for the day.

Fatboy, Mayor of the Day in City Hall at Mayor Thomas’ Desk [Yonker’s Voice]

Arriving in a Bentley, Mayor Thomas, Fatboy and others entered MVHS, headed to the cafeteria and the rapper proceeded to make it rain, (a slang term for throwing money into the air above or near a group of people, so that they can grab it.)

To substantiate the phone calls we received, we reached out to Mount Vernon City School District Superintendent of Schools Kenneth R. Hamilton, Ed.D., who confirmed the incident and expressed his disappointment in the mayor for impromptu and unauthorized visit to the campus.

“Today Mayor Thomas arrived at the Mount Vernon High School with an Internet personality known as Fat Boy accompanied by an entourage.” Superintendent Hamilton shared with Black Westchester. “Mayor Thomas and his guests entered the school cafeteria without prior authorization or notification, which disrupted the orderly operations of the school and required the implementation of emergency procedures to secure the building and restore order. Neither the building principal nor the Office of the Superintendent was apprised of this visit. I am disappointed that Mayor Thomas did not exercise better judgment or extend the common, professional courtesy of a call to my office to properly arrange for this type of visit. Any potential benefit of this celebrity visit was lost because of this breech in protocol.”

Several fights broke out allegedly after the mayor left and residents, students, parents and faculty members all described a major MVPD presence. One student video narrative by a student describes cops tazing students to gain control. Unofficial reports from students videos (that can be seen on Facebook, but BW did not publish because of students faces clearly shown in videos) claim one female student was stabbed, several others were injured, glass was broken and fights were taking place both inside and outside the high school. BW has yet to confirm how many were injured in the melee or if their were any arrests.

Fatboy and the mayor allegedly went on a shopping spree on Gramatan Avenue, cause traffic congestion residents tell Black Westchester which included a stop for a bite to eat at Jungle Restaurant who posted a video of the visit on their Instagram page.

Calls to the MVPD and the mayor’s office went unanswered, Yonkers Voice posted the following video of the Mayor and Fatboy SSE.

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story!


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