June 10, 2023

Breaking News: Mayor Thomas Says Info From DA’s Office Contributed to Termination of Robert Kelly

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Since the Friday, April 8th firing of Mount Vernon Commissioner of public Safety Robert ‘Bob’ Kelly, it has dominated the headlines and seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Saturday the Mayor Thomas released his official statement, Monday the mayor had a press conference to address it, Tuesday News 12 breaks a story that the firing may not have been a business decision as the mayor stated but more personal in nature.

Mayor Richard Thomas denied the allegations that his firing of Kelly was retaliation on the WVOX 1460 AM morning show, Good Morning Westchester with Bob Marrone, Wednesday morning.

After exclusively obtaining a string of emails including one addressed to the mayor’s personal email account, News 12 reported Kelly was fired after he refused to rehire the mayor’s brother back to the fire department, on their 5 o’clock broadcast, Tuesday afternoon.

During the WVOX morning radio show, Wednesday, Mayor Thomas made reference to being contacted by the Westchester District Attorney’s office which contributed to the termination of Kelly,

“We only just started to uncover some of his actions and I knew once we heard from the District Attorney’s office, we had to act swiftly.”

BW reached out to Deputy Communications Director for the Westchester County District Attorney Office, Robert Wolf and we are awaiting a statement.

Listen to the WVOX phone interview in its entirety and stay tuned to BW for further details in this developing story!

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