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Another Sibling of Mayor Thomas Headed To Court

Steven "Butch" Thomas sued for publishing and distributing the anonymous, malicious emails as part of an online smear campaign to defame and damage Lesly Zamor's reputation!

Former Mount Vernon City School District Board of Education President and former Planning Board Commissioner Lesly Zamor is suing Steven ‘Butch’ Thomas for defamation and libel. Steven, the older brother by three years of Mayor Richard W. Thomas is alleged to have created and sent out several malicious emails as part of an online smear campaign to defame and damage Zamor’s reputation in the community and undermine his leadership, according to court documents obtained by Black Westchester (see below).

The emails were published and distributed anonymously under the name, “Mt Vernon Citizens For A Better Board of Ed,” which allegedly accuse Zamor of fraud, corruption, stealing taxpayers funds and other unlawful and abusive actions. according to court documents. Zamor hired an attorney and private investigator to ascertain who was responsible for publishing and distributing the anonymous defamatory statements. Through these efforts it was determined that the brother of current Mount Vernon Mayor and prior to November 2017 a candidate for City Council – in an election where Thomas ran against Zamor’s wife – was in fact responsible.

“The era of defamation and throwing grenades while hiding behind a veil of secrecy and alias email and Fakebook accounts is over,”Zamor tells Black Westchester. “The first amendment does not protect you if you lie and defame others. This sort of political terrorism in Mount Vernon needs to end. If you want to say something, then you need to put your name on it and be personally accountable. This is the ultimate check and balance. This is not over. My legal team plans to prosecute all parties involved in this case and in other cases that we are pursuing!”

Butch Thomas has 20 days to answer the summons or judgement will be taken against Thomas for no less then two million dollars plus interest and cost and disbursement of this action, according to court papers.

Zamor vs Thomas PDF by AJROK on Scribd


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