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Mayor Thomas Barred From Entering Mt Vernon Schools Without Authorization

Mayor's impromptu visit with Fat Boy caused choas and mid terms to be rescheduled

Fatboy, Mayor Thomas, OK Freddy and investor ay City Hall [Yonkers Voice}

In response to the Melee at Mount Vernon High School following an unauthorized visit from Mayor Richard W. Thomas and Fat Boy, Mount Vernon City Schools District Superintendent Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton, Ed.D., has set new security protocols that include further unauthorized visits from the mayor.

Hamilton said while he and the district investigate, additional security protocols have been implemented, which includes barring Thomas from entering any schools without his authorization, except if the mayor is visiting the district as a parent, lohud reported.

“I am hopeful that Mayor Thomas will acknowledge his err in judgement, issue an apology and accept full responsibility for any fallout from this event,” Hamilton said in an email to lohud. “I am sure Mayor Thomas had good intentions but this impromptu visit with Fat Boy was anything but good, particularly during mid terms which had to be rescheduled.”

A melee ensued at Mount Vernon High School, Friday afternoon after an impromptu visit from Mayor Thomas and a rapper by the name of Fatboy SSE, whom Mayor Thomas made Mayor for the day. Hamilton expressed his disappointment, Friday in the mayor for impromptu and unauthorized visit to the campus.

“Today Mayor Thomas arrived at the Mount Vernon High School with an Internet personality known as Fat Boy accompanied by an entourage.” Superintendent Hamilton shared with Black Westchester, Friday night. “Mayor Thomas and his guests entered the school cafeteria without prior authorization or notification, which disrupted the orderly operations of the school and required the implementation of emergency procedures to secure the building and restore order. Neither the building principal nor the Office of the Superintendent was apprised of this visit. I am disappointed that Mayor Thomas did not exercise better judgment or extend the common, professional courtesy of a call to my office to properly arrange for this type of visit. Any potential benefit of this celebrity visit was lost because of this breech in protocol.”

President Trustee Wanda White of the Mount Vernon City School District Board of Education also expressed her disappointment in the mayor, Sunday.

As of Saturday, Hamilton said the mayor still hasn’t returned his calls or texts. The mayor’s spokesperson didn’t return BW’s request for comment.

“We, the Board Trustees are very disappointed in the event that took place at our high school on Friday and believe the Mayor should have exercised better discretion,” White shared with Black Westchester. “We will meet to set up preventive measures so an incident of this nature will not reoccur in any of our school. I know he and the Superintendent have spoken and we anticipate a smooth opening at MVHS Monday morning.”

Black Westchester correspondent and a children and families advocate, Brenda L. Crump publicly shared her support of Dr. Hamilton’s discussion to bar unauthorized visits from Mayor Thomas.

“I, Brenda L. Crump, as a children and families advocate, former Mount Vernon City School District school board trustee and a parent of 7 children; I whole heartedly “support” Superintendent Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton, Sr.’s decision barring Mayor Richard Thomas from entering any schools without his authorization, except if the mayor is visiting the district as a parent!”

Parents informed BW that they received a recording sent Sunday shortly after 1:30pm, by the Board of Education, to let them know that the mayor apologized and that there will be a heavy police presence at the high school.

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story.


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