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Are things falling apart between Mayor Richard Thomas and his DPW Commissioners?

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas right) with DPW Commissioner Joseph Nigro during happier times [Black Westchester]

Mount Vernon Department of Works could be embroiled in controversy with the mayor after a worker is staging a SICKOUT against the mayor — and is expected to get fired. DPW Deputy Commissioner Anthony Amiano, (32) is staging a SICKOUT. Multiple sources confirm reports that Mr. Amiano has not been seen around the Mount Vernon City Hall campus in a week.

It’s unclear why Mr. Amiano has not returned to work, but sources say when he returns he will be terminated in retaliation by Mayor Richard W. Thomas for his working relationship with Councilman André Wallace.  Mr. Amiano has been working on the road pavement project that was supported by Wallace.

“DPW did all the work and deserves the credit,” Councilman Wallace told Black Westchester. “I only supported and voted for the project.”

Mayor Thomas – who has had an adversarial relationship with Councilman Wallace since shortly after the two we elected – did not like the fact Mr. Amiano worked closely with Councilman Wallace. Mr. Amaino has reportedly been out sick since Monday, sources say the mayor is waiting for him to return to work, to terminate his employment.

Sources say Mr. Amiano has been suffering from chest pain at work. If Mr. Amiano is fired, sources say DPW Commissioner John Nigro has threatened resign. Residents who spoke with BW tell us they feel the whole situation feels like another case of pure political retaliation.

BW reached out to the mayor’s office for an interview, but haven’t received a response.

As of now, Mr. Amiano is still employed as Deputy DPW Commissioner.

In related Mount Vernon City Hall news, Mayor Thomas is also in a riff with the City Comptroller, Deborah Reynolds, for not paying the city’s bills, much like his battle over unsigned checks with her predecessor, Maureen Walker.

Mayor Richard Thomas held a press conference Thursday to accuse Comptroller Deborah Reynolds of refusing to pay more than $1 million of the city’s debts, which cause a DPW truck to be repossessed. The mayor claims the comptroller is not cutting checks to city employees, such as the planning commissioner, the city engineer, and fire inspectors.

Reynolds said the mayor was not only lying about the amount, but said if there were any outstanding bills it was because the mayor refused to sign checks on his desk, New 12 reported. Reynolds counters the mayor is trying to distract the public from the fact that he is on trial for criminal charges.

Thomas was joined by Council President Lisa Copeland, Council Member Janice Duarte, representatives of the Civil Service Commission, labor leaders, and city commissioners and employees.

Mayor Richard Thomas was arrested in March and indicted in May for grand larceny and other charges, he is due back in court September 14.


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