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Mt Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas: 5 Months On The Job [Newsbreakers]

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard W. Thomas sits down with Andrew Whitman on Fios News’ program, Newsbreakers to discuss first five months on the job, successes, controversies and challenges. The mayor discusses his Quality of Law Task Force, the rat infestation, zombie homes, the firing of Police Commissioner Robert ‘Bob’ Kelly, the incident surrounding his brother Henry-George, the Civil War in City Hall, opening the books, the new relationship with the City Council, putting his private sector career on hold to run for office and serve his community. Watch the full interview below.

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The mayor says he wants to get the residents of the city involved. Many residents don’t think they have time to participate. Others, particularly newer residents with lower participation rates, may not know where or how to get involved. BW invited all residents to get involved and let your voice be heard.

June 1st marks five months since the mayor took office, and politicians will always tell you how they are doing. So take a page from the mayor’s book and inviting the residents to get involved and let their voices be heard. Let us know how you think the mayor has done in his first five months? If you thinks he is doing a good job, explain what you like in his performance, if you do not think he has done a good job, explain why and what you think he could have done differently or better. Again this is your opportunity to let you voice be heard. We only ask you keep comments civil and if you disagree and feel free to attack the issue but don’t use this as an opportunity to attack the person. We want to hear from all of you!


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  1. Jeffrey Huza // May 29, 2016 at 10:06 AM //

    As a millennial and recent MBA graduate it’s nice to see Mayor Thomas have such great ideas about business…He’s actually creating a new plan to help all the stores on the street level stay open. I love that he actually asks for people’s input. We can actually email City Hall. If these obstructionist in City Hall would let him work we could clean up the dirty businesses that litter 4th ave.

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