June 7, 2023
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Mayor SPH Announces Retirement of MVPD Commissioner, Commish Says He Didn’t Send Letter of Resignation, Something Got Lost In Translation

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Immediately following a special edition of the Black Westchester Power Hour, Friday afternoon, featuring journalist George Joseph -who broke the story on the Bovell secret MVPD Tapes – and Joe Murray. Sgt. Bovell’s attorney, Mayor Shawn Patterson-Howard released a statement via Facebook announcing the resignation of Police Commissioner Glenn Scott.

The statement by the mayor announced his retirement to focus on personal endeavors. The statement announces that MVPD Deputy Commissioner David Gibson will be sworn in as interim commissioner following the Police Memorial Ceremony. The statement also goes on to sing Scott’s praises and thanks him for his dedicated service and wishing him well in retirement.

Pretty traditional in these circumstances, but herein lies the problem, Scott tells Black Westchester he did not write nor send any letter or resignation, wait, what?

I was already prepared to contact Commissioner Scott to give him an opportunity to respond to comment made by Mr. Murray, when we received links to the above announcement. But after reading the mayor’s statement I decided to ask him about his resignation and what next for him?

As a response to my inquiry Scott suggested I inquire if MVPD personnel office, the Mayor’s office or HR received a letter from retirement from him?

I followed up by asking “are you telling me you did not send a letter of retirement?’ and asked you do know the mayor posted a statement announcing your retirement online?”

Commissioner Scott responded, “Without my knowledge of consent.”

In an effort to get the story right I then reach out to Mayor SPH was the statement her way of firing her PC, acknowledging I do understand that the police commissioner serves at the pleasure of the mayor.

The mayor responded my question makes no sense and goes on to write, ‘Why would I fire the Police Commissioner for a botched 2017 case that he nothing to do with? She informs me her statement stands and was clear and advises me not to create news where it doesn’t exist.

But here is the problem the mayor of a city announcing the retirement of their police commissioner in a statement and that commissioner telling Black Westchester he did not write the letter, I respectfully disagree with the mayor, that’s pretty newsworthy. Then to add her response about why she would fire him over a botched 2017 investigation?

I never mentioned the 2017 investigation in my inquiry about the police commissioner’s resignation. But that was however the topic of our radio show in discussing WCDA Mimi Rocah announcing that she will seek to vacate the convictions and charges of 27 individuals for their alleged drug sales to a Westchester County Police – Department of Public Safety undercover officer during a 2017 narcotics operation conducted by the Mount Vernon Police Department and the secret tapes of Sgt. Murashea Bovell.

Her response makes one question did the announcement of Scott retirement have something to do with attention being paid to the investigation of the aftermath of the 2017 narcotics operation. There is a saying that someone must take the fall, you need a fall guy. So, did Scott retire or is his merely the sacrificial lamb?

I probed further that my conversation to get to the truth was circular and it was time for her to get back to enjoying her birthday weekend, I reach out to Scott for anything else he could add for clarity and was told.

“The mayor asked me to resign this afternoon. She asked me to submit a letter of resignation. No terms were given during the meeting. later I see that she put out a press release stating that I retired. None of this was discussed nor was I given a deadline,” Commissioner Scott exclusively shared with Black Westchester.

“The police commissioner serves at the pleasure of the mayor, period,” Councilwoman Cathlin Gleason, Public Safety and Codes Chair shares with Black Westchester. “She can hire and fire who she wants. I look forward to the national search for a new police commissioner.”

Now again we do know a police commissioner serves at the pleasure of the mayor of that municipality. My question is if it is no longer your pleasure for the police commissioner to serve why not just say that. It is in fact your prerogative to go in a different direction, but why not just say that when asked for clarification. You tell us it’s a non-story but by not just coming out and saying I decided to move in a different direction, you the mayor are making it more of a story than it would have been otherwise.

I say this sincerely, and I reached out to get your side of the story and while two things can be true THESE two things cannot. Not being forthright about something so small that you are in your right to do, why try to make it seem like something other than it is. These are just the tip of the iceberg in questions that need to be asked. But one thing is for sure it’s time for some REAL TALK!!!!

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