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Community Members Stunned at Mayor’s Decision to Cut Funds for the Soup Kitchen Plan Press Conf.

Mt Vernon Senior Citizens Center Armory, 144 N 5th Ave Mount Vernon, home to the CSA Soup Kitchen [Black Westchester]

Mount Vernon — Clients, community members, volunteers, and elected officials will join board members and the executive director of Community Service Associates (CSA) to address Mayor Richard W. Thomas’ proposed cuts to CSA’s central program: the soup kitchen.  The press conference will be at the Armory located at 144 North Fifth Avenue on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

The soup kitchen serves approximately 300 dinners and 300 sandwiches per week for clients who visit the program.  Meals are served at CSA’s location of operation-the Mount Vernon Armory- four (4) days per week.  From Tuesday through Friday, senior citizens, families, and disabled persons rely on the services provided by the soup kitchen to receive a nutritious meal.

“The cuts affect the most vulnerable who do not only have enough sustenance, they also do not have friends or family members,” Mount Vernon Councilwoman Roberta L. Apuzzo, Executive Director of CSA tells BW. “When they come to the soup kitchen, they know that it’s a safe, friendly, environment and they don’t feel isolated.”

In a statement, the CSA stated that; Mayor Thomas’ proposed cuts to the soup kitchen will only hurt those who rely on the services provided by CSA, especially those who depend on the dinner and sandwiches prepared.  Many of the visitors of the soup kitchen are elderly persons on a fixed income who otherwise may not eat a healthy meal; others are experiencing hardships and depend on the soup kitchen to provide them with at least one healthy meal during the day.  Moreover, Mayor Thomas is hurting real people…many of whom voted for him to serve as their mayor.

The CSA was founded in 1986 with a mission to serve the hungry.  Over the years, it has expanded as a center providing individual counseling, includes an intergenerational art program where seniors and children interact to learn the creative process, and allows those who have been directed by the courts to complete community service work. Moreover, volunteers from religious groups, high school clubs, boy scouts, and girl scouts volunteer at the soup kitchen to meet a need they believe in: community service.

To support the CSA Soup Kitchen, you can donate cash by check, paypal or charge card. You can also support their work by signing up to become a rent sponsor, or to supply needed items– from paper plates and plastic utensils to canned fruit. To make a donation click here.



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