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Famed Civil Rights Attorney Mayo Bartlett Speaks on Lack Of Accountability in MVPD

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Purchase, NY — Famed Civil Rights Attorney Mayo Bartlett discussed the Kenneth Chamberlain case and police-community relations in Westchester County at the 10th Annual John Howard Lecture on Law and Justice: Understanding The Blacks Lives Matter Movement At Purchase College, Tuesday Night.

Among the topics Bartlett discussed, were Mount Vernon’s Million Dollar Man, Sgt. Michael Marcucilli, the officer who has cost the city of Mt. Vernon almost a million dollars (with more lawsuits still pending) and former Sleepy Hollow Police Detective Jose Quinoy, who was found guilty of liable for assault, battery and excessive force and cost the village of Sleepy Hollow $1.05 million and now works for the MVPD in their Internal Affairs Division.

Marcucilli despite being put on desk duty under former Mayor Clinton Young, current Mayor Ernest D. Davis saw fit to put him back out on the street. The result of Davis’ judgement call was Marcucilli being involved in the shooting of Anthony Smith on Stevens Ave, October 24, 2014. Even after being involved in yet another shooting, the shooting of Smith, who was described by Davis and the MVPD as ‘an emotionally disturbed black male,’ Marcucilli is still on the MVPD, a year later.

Quinoy had what was described by the Journal News as a violent confrontation with Mario Gomez, a retired corrections officer, who suspected the married Sleepy Hollow detective was having a relationship with his 22-year-old daughter. Quinoy who was indicted, tried and later acquitted, left Sleepy Hollow’s in 2011 and joined the Mount Vernon Police Department a month later. He later became the PBA president there. After the media attention of the Village of Sleepy Hollow’s $1.05 million settlement to Gomez, Quinoy resigned as PBA president and is now in the Internal Affairs Division at the MVPD. Another one of the many, very questionable decisions made under the Davis Administration.

Mayor Ernie Davis proudly told residents and media that, “Mt. Vernon was the only place in the county, where people can come that are not wanted anywhere else,” while on the campaign trial of his failed bid for re-election in the 2015 Mayoral Race. Quinoy proves that applies to the MVPD, under the Davis Administration, as well.

We briefly caught up to Bartlett, who has won cases against both Quinoy and Marcucilli, and is currently representing Marcucilli’s latest shooting victim, Anthony Smith, at the end of the Law and Justice Lecture at Purchase College. (see video below)

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