Mary J. Blige – Queen Of The Hip-Hop Collabo


[youtube]Mary J. Blige – Love @ 1st Sight ft. Method Man (2003)

‘what you thought you want gonna see me, You cant spell Mary J Blige without a JB’ Method Man aka Johnny Blaze once again joins the queen for another classic hip-hop/ R&B collabo. This track also reunited MJB and Puff as well and gave us another club banger with the dancing Mary in the video that we come to love and hadn’t seen in a while.


  • thanks BW for this 914 piece, I’m proud and honored to see our hip-hop artists get their due. Thanks for the story about 914 contributing to the world stage of the hip-hop arena. Well deserved indeed.
    Georgie B. Frazier 2016

  • Good list! Can’t Knock the Hustle should’ve been #2 though

  • That Meth & Mary joint is my favorite Mary J collaboration as well AJ. Great piece, keep em comin.
    This is my new favorite site and I don’t even live in Westchester

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