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March & Protest Concert for Cariol

Horne promotes law requiring cops to stop excessive force

A former Buffalo Police officer and her supporters rallied in Lafayette Square Friday afternoon, where it was announced she has obtained a legal team in a bid to restore her eligibility for a pension that was lost when she fired for what supporters insist was doing the right thing back in 2007.

Former Buffalo police officer Cariol Horne – who appeared on Black Westchester’s Policing The Black Community Part Two, Friday May 22nd  – was fired in 2008 after she says she stopped Gregory Kwiatkowski, a white officer from choking a Black handcuffed suspect, Neal Mack.

Horne did what most of us would expect by attempting to stop a partner officer from assaulting a handcuffed suspect.  For her troubles, Horne was punched several times in the face by partner officer Kwiatkowski, an assault that required that her bridge be replaced. Cariol Horne was fired from the force in 2006 and charged with obstructing another cop during an arrest over a domestic dispute, ABC 7 reported in December of 2014.

“When he (former officer Gregory Kwiatkowski) went to jail, I felt like, now they will believe me, because he went to jail for using unnecessary excessive force. So now I’ll get my pension. Years later, I still don’t have my pension.” 

The 19-year veteran of the Buffalo Police Department was the last of several speakers, Friday, July 10th in Lafayette Square. Horne, when it was her turn, primarily led the crowd in a chant: “I don’t like… what I saw… we need to pass… Cariol’s Law…”

Cariol Holloman-Horne, announced a new push to pass legislation called “Cariol’s Law,” which she believes would combat the excessive use of force by police. The proposed Cariol’s Law, which she and her peers first introduced June 30, would make it mandatory for police officers to intervene and stop acts of brutality by fellow officers. Inaction in such circumstances would be punishable by termination and prosecution. Additionally, under Cariol’s Law officers who do intervene would be protected from any internal retaliation, including reassignment.

” ‘Cariol’s Law’ will protect officers who do stand up against police brutality and they will not be treated as I have been,” Holloman-Horne said Tuesday, June 30th while standing in front of the Buffalo Police and Fire Headquarters building. “… I don’t want any other officer to be treated as I have been treated for doing the right thing.”

Supporters met at Lafayette Square at 3pm for a powerful rally. Afterwards, they marched over to Niagara Square for a Protest Concert.

March/Rally began at 3pm sharp at Lafayette Square. Speakers were Myles Carter, Dominique Calhoun, Neal Mack, Neal mack Jr., Ruweyda Ahmed Salim, Deborah Suttles and John Walker, Jr.

The Protest Concert began at 4pm At Niagara Square featuring: Drea d’Nur, Naila Ansari, Zhanna Reed, Sehréa Brown, Vinnie DeRosa and Violin Vigil for Elijah McClain.

Other speakers at the rally included Myles Carter, a Buffalo man who was arrested last month while protesting the arrest of another Buffalo man the month before, Quentin Suttles.

“She worked hard for this moment,” he said. “We could sit here and talk all day about the issues that exist in Buffalo. But Cariol Horne is solving problems in Buffalo. Not only did she do the right thing, she then drafted the legislation to fix the problem. Protect the police officers who step forward! Protect the police officers that do the right thing.”

Also among the speakers who appeared in support of Horne was the man who was under arrest at the time she intervened, Neal Mack, Sr.

“She saved me. An angel from heaven,” Mack said. “God sent. There should be more police officers like her. Amen.”

Following the rally in Lafayette Square, Horne and her peers led those in attendance in a march which moved westward along Court Street, passed through Niagara Square and ended in front of City Hall, where live music and other supporters were already waiting to greet them.

Support for Cariol’s Law

More Than 60 Community Organizations and Small Businesses Issue Public Letter Demanding Action on Cariol’s Law and the Reinstatement of Officer Cariol Horne’s Pension

A wide array of Buffalo-based community organizations and small businesses  recently sent a public letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Byron Brown, the Buffalo City Council and the WNY State Delegation demanding immediate passage of Cariol’s Law and the reinstatement of Cariol Horne’s pension.

Among those calling for passage of the law was activist and local business owner Phylicia Dove.

“Police officers must use their responsibility wisely,” she said. “They have to do more than generate income for the city. When they took the oath to protect and serve, it is vital that they do just that.”

The Buffalo Common Council recently passed a resolution asking the New York State Attorney General to reopen Horne’s case. It was announced during the rally Friday that a legal team has been assembled to represent Horne. They include Ronald Sullivan and Intisar Rabb of Harvard Law School, and W. Neil Eggleston and Kamran Bajwa of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Eggleston is a former White House Counsel for President Barack Obama and an Associate Counsel for President Bill Clinton. Sullivan is credited with securing legal victories for the family of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old Black man who was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

Cariol’s Law would:

A. Create a mandatory Duty to Intervene to stop abuse perpetrated by fellow officers.

B. Create punishments for those who do not intervene.

C. Protect officers from retaliation for intervening and ensure that all investigations are housed in an independent body controlled by community representatives, not political appointees.

D. Punish officers who alter reports or omit facts related to abuse and police intervention in abuse.

E. Ensure that violators of Cariol’s Law result in termination, registry reporting, and that they impact departmental funding.

F. Put in place a restorative justice process for intervening officers / whistleblowers. 

Elected officials in the region  were recently invited to attend a webinar on the components of Cariol’s Law .

Learn more about Cariol’s Law at


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