Malcolm X – Make It Plain (Full PBS Documentary)

In celebration of the birthday of Malcolm X, Black Westchester shares the PBS Documentary,  “Malcolm X — Make It Plain.” This in-depth film portrait goes straight to the heart, mind, and message of one of the modern era’s most complex figures. Actress Alfre Woodard narrates the special.

At a time when black civil rights leaders preached harmony and integration, Malcolm preached a militant gospel of self-defense and nationalism that terrified many whites and disturbed, yet also inspired Black Americans. After his travels to Africa and Mecca, he returned with a deeper understanding of Islam and a new willingness to accept white allies. “The white man and the black man have to be able to sit down at the same table,” he said in his last year. “Then they can bring the issues that are under the rug out on top of the table and take an intelligent approach to getting the problem solved.”

We celebrate the life of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, an internationally recognized leader and advocate for oppressed peoples. He was both loved and despised, revered, and feared — until an assassin’s bullet cut him down at age 39.

Watch it, share it, and teach our youth about Malcolm X in observation of his birthday.