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Letter To The Editor: Malcolm Clark on Comptroller’s Meeting

What I was trying to ask the Comptroller before she rudely cut me off and attempted to have me escorted out the meeting

I attended the Comptroller’s’ meeting on the “financial state” of the city on Thursday, December 20th where she spoke for an hour about what everyone else was doing wrong. She blamed the council, she blamed the mayor and even blamed workers and residents. She did not offer any solutions to any of the problems just inaction. I went into this meeting expecting to see breakdowns, a presentation and some solutions like we used to get at December budget meetings from the previous Comptroller. All we got was talk and complaints.

The following are the questions I was attempting to ask the Comptroller before she rudely cut me off and attempted to have me escorted out of the meeting:

  1. How come the Comptroller did not file a lawsuit or for a temporary restraining order (TRO) when the Mayor allegedly had her booted off the MUNIS system seven months ago (May 2018)?
  2. It is December 20th (At the time) and we still have no heard or seen any budget presented or spoken about. When will we get an update on the budget process?
  3. How is the Comptroller’s office able to know what bills have been paid (Allegedly 75 million as of October) if she has been locked out of the system that’s supposed to keep track of what bills have been paid.

While trying to ask my second question the Comptroller cut me off and would not let me ask the full question or finish my sentences. She mentioned the Mayor had not formally brought the budget to the board of estimate, which is correct, but my question was what is her budget. She mentioned throughout the night and made comments about the Mayor’s budget and how it was wrong and I was looking for some type of response as to what the Comptroller’s’ budget would look like. As we head into the New Years’ without a budget it appears the city will have to rely on the previous year budget until one is passed. That’s unacceptable.

It’s also unacceptable to cut people off, talk over them, raise your voice and try to have the cops toss you out. As a young black man I understand the gravity of my presence, I know that I can’t be loud or disrespectful in the presence of cops because in some cases it can be a fatal outcome. I also understand the role that our police officers have to deal with and I want to thank the MVPD officer who was there who talked to me and de-escalated the situation. That is a sign of good policing and I am appreciative of that. However, I do not appreciate the unprofessionalism of the Comptroller who seemed unprepared and as was stated in the Blackwestchester article “ Didn’t offer any explanation in writing supporting her claim” when asked about the accusations she levied against other officials. If we don’t let Donald Trump and Congress off the hook for making claims without facts, then we can’t let our own local officials for doing the same whether it’s the Mayor, City Council or the Comptroller.

Lastly, I want to highlight how the Comptroller, who accused me of being disruptive, attempted to belittle me and have me tossed out, was thrown out of these same Council chambers during a discussion of the budget in 2014 in which she was disruptive (LINK) with me asking questions of her in the same council Chambers four years later. (LINK). In 2019, I hope we continue to hold our city government accountable, we deserve a better Mount Vernon.


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