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BW Exclusive: Mount Vernon’s Million Dollar Man, MVPD Lt. Michael Marcucilli Suspended Indefinitely

Mount Vernon Police Department Million Dollar Man, Lt. Michael Marcucilli and others MVPD officers illegally evicted the owners of the Kela Tennis Center June 7, 2018 [Black Westchester]

Mount Vernon – While all the details are still not known, Black Westchester has learned that Mount Vernon Police Lieutenant Michael Marcucilli was suspended Thursday, October 24, 2019, (see personnel order below).

You may remember the name LT. Michael Marcucilli when he and at least 6 other MVPD officers illegally evicted Kela and Lee, the owners of the Kela Tennis Center at Memorial Field, in June of 2018.

Or more recently named as one of the targets of Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Shawn Harris’ all-out assault on “waste, fraud and abuse” within the department, particularly on rampant overtime that is far over what was budgeted this year, as reported in Lohud.

In particular, the newspaper has requested overtime records for LT. Michael Marcucilli, a controversial figure who cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits over the years. He was a sergeant with a minimal supervisory role when his career was resurrected in the Thomas administration and he was promoted to lieutenant. 

Marcucilli’s salary this year is $128,208. But according to the Empire Center’s website, he has collected more than $247,000 in each of the past two years, the highest paid city employee during that time. It was believed that most of that money was for overtime but the figures do not specify how much.

LT. Michael Marcucilli (center) with former Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio (right) and Police Officer Jessie Smiley (left) – placed on restrictive duty for allegations of misconduct – standing in front of former Mayor Richard Thomas campaign office on South 4th Ave, May 11, 2019 [Black Westchester]

Nicknamed the Mount Vernon’s Million Dollar Man by Black Westchester, Michael Marcucilli – a 24-year veteran of the department – has recently cost the city over a million dollars and had previously been suspended for multiple cases of excessive force.

Marcucilli was also one of the shooters of then 31-year-old Anthony Smith, an emotionally disturbed black male on the morning of Friday, October 24, 2014, at 158 Steven Avenue.

The Million Dollar Man’s record of recklessness includes;

Three federal lawsuits since 2008 have named the then 19-year veteran and ranking officer, Marcucilli, including two in which juries found he used excessive force. And the plaintiff in a fourth case that does not name the Sgt who was promoted to Lieutenant by former Mayor Richard Thomas insists it was Marcucilli who beat him up outside a city nightclub in 2008, but that police crafted reports to hide Marcucilli’s involvement because he had been accused in similar cases.

In February 2009 Marcucilli was among the officers who responded to A.B. Davis Middle School when 12-year-old Vanney Allen and two friends were found inside after school hours. Allen claimed Marcucilli hit him in the head with his baton and sued the city. After the jury awarded $500,000 in 2012, the city appealed and Allen’s mother settled for $250,000 from the city and $25,000 from Marcucilli reported Bandler in The Journal News.

Nicknamed the Mount Vernon’s Million Dollar Man by Black Westchester, Michael Marcucilli, has recently cost the city over a million dollars and had previously been suspended for multiple cases of excessive force.

Again Black Westchester has yet to ascertain just why Marcucilli was suspended for this time but according to the Personnel Order, Black Westchester obtained he is prohibited from entering Police Headquarters and/or any other Mount Vernon Police facility unless ordered to do so.

We reached out to MVPD Commissioner who told Black Westchester he cannot comment on personnel matters but did confirm Marcucilli was suspended.

“There is an ongoing joint investigation into overtime abuse within the Mount Vernon Police Department,” Commissioner Harris tells Black Westchester. “Members who have violated department policies or NYS Laws will be held accountable.”

We also learned that Mount Vernon Police Officer Jessie Smiley (pictured above with Spiezo and Marcucilli) was placed on restrictive duty for allegations of misconduct, as part of the same investigation.

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on his developing story.


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