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Lorraine Lopez Looks At Latimer’s Win Through A Republican Lense; Are The Tides Changing?

23414583_10155037992817411_853493716_nTuesday night was election night. Lots to lose and lots to gain. I found myself, a registered Republican in the midst of hundreds of Democrats. You see, I went to the Latimer headquarters with my Black Westchester ad people Before Politics Radio family AJ Woodson and Damon K. Jones.

As a republican, my heart was with Astorino. When I arrived, I felt a little bit like a fish out of water. Watched as the former County Exec. Andy Spano bought my buddy Damon a drink. That was pretty cool to watch. Then I began to look around and I saw many of my old friends. (I used to be a Democrat). And they embraced me with open arms. Almost like I’ve never left.

I received a text from the Astorino camp to keep my fingers crossed. That’s when I knew the Republicans were in trouble. Still, as a proud Republican I held my head high. Took dozens of pictures with my friends the dems. Had a conversation with Chuck Lesnick and Mayor Spano regarding some bad feelings, because I felt they threw me under the bus. Everything squashed, we are cool again.

I told Sen. Latimer during his appearance on PBP Radio, Sunday, November 5th, what I have a feel about his race.  It had the same feel as the Spano- Stewart Cousins race. In my heart, I knew he would win. But as a Republican and a person that genuinely likes Astorino, I didn’t give up hope. I must say that the democrats truly embraced me and for that I am grateful.

The highlight of my night was seeing and speaking to Yonkers Democratic Chair Pauline Galvin. She is someone I love, I adore, and look up to. She made my night worthwhile!!!! Ok, so numbers started coming in. It looks like Latimer is the winner and I am about to eat crow. But, I looked around and saw Damon and Brook Jones and I know how much this win meant to them and I was genuinely happy. I was happy for them and for my friend Max. I knew right then and there that I would forfeit my card for them. This election was deep and personal for them and no amount of loyalty for my party was worth it.

Now real talk…. I am glad we lost. The republican party in Yonkers and Westchester county is racist. They are an embarrassment. They are the old regime. They see no color but white supremacy. I know! I was part of their camp for 20 years. I’m glad they were defeated! Now it’s time to get with the program! I have to say that I don’t believe Doug Colety is racist, but he follows the money republicans and I don’t blame him. But it’s time to wake up Doug!!!

I could easily say that I am going back to the Democratic party who will happily welcome me back. But I wont. I am a Republican and I plan to stick it out to see the changes. Doug, the party  has changed. You need to get with the times. The old racist regime has been defeated. If you are a true leader you need to recognize this. It’s time for new Republicans, moderate republicans.

Get your head out your ass for Christ sake and start making money moves. You will never win under the Trump regime. Denounce that piece of shit. Revamp the party. Call me, I will help you. But I promise you this…. if you do not make the necessary changes to the Republican party, I will start a Republican revolution and you will lose again. I promise you that. Again, I am so very happy for Damon, Brook, and Max. They won Doug. Its time for you to be on the winning team. Local politic does not equal national politics.


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