June 10, 2023
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Yonkers’ London Reyes Throws Hat In Race For District 17 Legislative Seat

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London Reyes photographed at Sullivan Oval Park in the Nodine Hill section of Yonkers on Aug. 23, 2016. (Photo: Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal New)

Yonkers democrat and community activist London Reyes made it official Tuesday, that he’s running for Westchester County District 17th’s Legislature Seat.

He’ll be seeking to unseat incumbent Republican supporting Virgina Perez, who’s officially registered as a democrat in Yonkers.

Registered Democrats overwhelmingly outnumber Republicans in the 17th district.

London Reyes said he expected a large Democratic turnout this year, after the election of President Donald Trump last year has sparked engagement in local Yonkers government from some southwest city residents who might have sat on the sidelines in previous county legislative races.

London Reyes criticized Virgina Perez’s voting with Mike Kapowitz and the other Republican on the county board saying it has cut services to children and families in Southwest Yonkers.

The democrats out number republicans on the county board of legislators, but Virginia Perez’s conferencing and voting with republicans gives them and Robert Astorino control over what services are delivered to southwest Yonkers.

London Reyes said if elected, he see that the residents of southwest Yonkers get a seat at the county funding table.

While Reyes has just finally officially announced he is running, his candidacy has to have been one of the worst-kept secrets in local Yonkers politics.

Multiple sources say they knew the Yonkers Community Activist would be going against fellow Yonkers Democrat Virginia Perez, a Westchester County legislator, who conferences and votes are said to be with republican county legislators.

Yonkers political insiders say London Reyes’ desire to help the people of Southwest Yonkers is extremely strong.

As for Virginia Perez they tell us, this race will be the toughest the Dominican Republic-born County Legislator has experienced. Perez won her last Yonkers democratic primary race by only 89 votes.

Reyes came to Yonkers from the South Bronx where he made a name for himself as an early hip hop entertainer. He was a member of the famed New York City Breakers and was known in those days as B-Boy London.

He talks nonstop with the zeal of an evangelist, whose mission is to raise awareness in southwest Yonkers and empower people to fight for their share of the proverbial economic pie. His nonprofit AAA All-Star organization provides a range of activities for children — the three A’s stand for academics, athletics and arts, Lohud’s Phil Reisman described him in a piece called The King Of Nodine Hill, August 24, 2016.

In the May 2009 editorial, The Importance Of Community Service by London Reyes in the Yonkers Tribune, he wrote:

“Through my experiences, I have gained the patience to persevere through adversity, problem-solving, thinking outside of the box, having integrity, and enjoying elevating those around me.”

London Reyes will officially launch his bid for Westchester County Legislative Seat at his Campaign Kick-Off Event at The Raquet Club Of Park Hill (253 Van Cortlandt Park Avenue), Sunday, April 23rd 4-8:00 PM.


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