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Lil B Sure – The Next Generation

Al B Sure Jr., follows in his father's footsteps but does it his own way!

Albert Joseph Brown IV aka “Lil B Sure” was born October 30, 1986 in Mount Vernon, NY to Albert Joseph Brown III aka “Al B Sure!” and Ann McDermott. At a young age his mother kept him busy by putting him in sports. Al was born few years prior to his father becoming an overnight sensation. During his young years his father was a heavy hitter on the R&B charts. Al would often watch his father’s videos and performances and would imitate him.

Al attended Mount St. Michaels and New York Military Academy. In 2001; his mother enrolled him in Mount Vernon High school where he joined the Mount Vernon High School Varsity Basketball team. Al would often put on a show by displaying his dunking ability; he eventually was given the name “Skyscraper” because of how high he would jump. Al got the athlete trait from both parents; his mother ran track; many called her a “legend”; she broke many records that stood for over 25 years; several are still standing. His father turned down a full scholarship to pursue his singing career.

Al would often sing to the ladies in the hall and acquired the name “Lil B Sure!”. If singing in the hallways and in the locker room during basketball wasn’t enough; Al decided to enter a high school talent show. The word got out he had real singing skills and the school girls started going crazy for him. Even parents, teachers and the principal were amazed by his vocal power. Many remembered his father as an artist who graduated from MVHS while they worked there.

In his Junior year; Lil Al told his mother he wanted to move to California to be with is dad and pursue a music career. Although reluctant, his mother agreed and sent him to live with his dad. With plenty of coaching from his famous dad & adopted uncles Lil Al was given an opportunity to appear on the popular west coast television show “Rock The Cradle” the equivalent of “American Idol. Following his first performance one judge told him “you can’t sing… you can SIIIING”; Lil Al received huge praise from the judges and the approval from the audience especially the ladies. Al was now a star and gained his own fans.

Al can be found on YouTube singing to ladies and doing several Covers. Al did an impersonation of Chris Brown that went viral (can be found on YouTube). When Al is not performing or touring he can be seen doing back up for his dad. Al Sr. often give him a chance to show his skills. He has graced the stage with many greats (Bobby Brown, Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, Keith Sweat, Guy, Jodeci) & many others.

Like his dad Al have big dreams to be the next star from Mount Vernon like his uncle Heavy D, Eddie F (Godfather), cousin Pete Rock to name a few. Al have a 8-year-old son Chayse who also love music & play several instruments. Just as talent is in the water in Mount Vernon… Music is in the bloodlines of the Browns.

While he is following in his famous father’s footsteps, he is no clone or carbon copy, he is creating his own lane!

Update of the originally spotlight that appeared in the September 15, 2019 Westchester Music Issue of Black Westchester Newspaper!

Check out Al B Sure Jr aka Lil B Sure and his legendary daddy on Black Westchester’s People Before Politics Radio Episode 313, this Sunday, August 22nd at 6PM.

Lil B Sure’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes & other platforms.
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