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Lianne Merchant Wins Democratic Party Nomination for New Rochelle City Council District 3

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New Rochelle, New York – After a vote by the Democratic District Leaders of New Rochelle,  Lianne Merchant won the Democratic party’s nomination for the New Rochelle City Council  District 3 seat. Lianne won handily in the run off vote after two of the four other candidates  receiving the fewest votes were eliminated. 

“I am excited to have won the nomination. The District Leaders know my commitment to the  residents of New Rochelle and agree with my vision to focus on issues that affect the district  such as such as infrastructure improvements, real estate development along North Avenue in  the form of state-of-the-art buildings with many affordable units that will attract new retail  businesses and spur economic growth while providing employment opportunities for  minorities, improved connections between District 3 and the downtown area and renewable  energy, including solar and wind initiatives,” said Lianne. 

Lianne also said she is ready to work hard to show the residents of District 3 that their goals are also her goals and that she will advocate for them just as she worked for ten years on behalf of the New Rochelle parents and children as a member and president of the Board of Education and twelve years as a member and president of the New Rochelle Library Board.  Click here to find out how you can support Lianne’s campaign. 

Click here to find out how you can support Lianne’s campaign. To learn more about Lianne Merchant and her campaign for the New Rochelle City Council visit

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