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Letter To The Editor: New Rochelle BOE is Lying And Risking It’s Employees

Hello I’m Kwamain Dixon I’m a life long resident of New Rochelle. I’m a concerned parent, a concerned resident, and community activist. I’m a father of 3 children two daughters and a son ranging from 23-5 and I also have two grandchildren one granddaughter and 1 grandson. 

The New Rochelle school district should of been closed weeks ago when the physician for the school district told this to the superintendent. She didn’t listen to her. Then Governor Cuomo at first said close all schools which the Superintendent fought him on that until he decided to close everything in a 1 mile radius. We are now the hot spot. A week later she decided to close all the remaining schools because of pressure.

This school district is not telling the whole truth to the media or the state. All schools close but yet cleaners/laborers are there cleaning and disinfecting the school buildings without proper gear including the 3 schools that was close in the 1 mile radius where everything started.

We have two employees at one school that hasn’t been there which one was hospitalized, we have employees at the central building out because they were sick or told to stay home or to go home, a glacier was told to go home and nobody as far as staff knows what there results was but the Superintendent knows which brings me to this, the superintendent is home sick so do she have the coronavirus?

The central building is close and nobody can go up there Why? But the main workers are there. The cleaners/laborers are still in the building cleaning which a state of an emergency has been put on the city of New Rochelle and it was said all schools close so why are they there?

At first they told them March 18th was it, they have been working since March 13th. Then emails come out stating that cleaners/ laborers have to work until school open which is April 1st.

On March 16th mechanics, plumbers, and painters told to come in on the 17th for what? The workers are being lied to and they don’t matter. No one can be tested because no one is sick but they have families to go home to. The questions they need answer to are does the superintendent have the coronavirus? Why are workers put in harm’s way to the unknown? Why is a meeting move to the school that’s in a 1 mile radius that Cuomo set up? Why is a day care being set up on March 18th in the central building because if the superintendent has the coronavirus, then you are putting those children in danger.

Before school close she was at IEYMS asking 6th graders about coronavirus REALLY? The point is that no one should be in any of the schools not knowing if they can come down with the coronavirus. They should hire a company to come in and disinfect all the schools, after all it’s taxpayers money not their personal money but they don’t want to do that but instead use the workers. Just because those workers don’t make a 100k it doesn’t mean that they should be used and treated like they don’t matter.

They (school district) said they will do something for us which is who knows. Do they know when school is closed and you have workers working they have to pay double time everyday?

Everyday the playing field changes. The bottom line is that the superintendent should stop saying they have no cases and start telling the truth about those who are sick starting with herself.

Questions need to be answer honestly because this is serious besides staff, parents, and residents of New Rochelle have a right to know. Nobody can stop this virus until a cure is found but we all can use common sense along with precaution but we can’t do that until the truth is told. Nobody has ever seen anying like this because it’s like a movie.

To summarize this 1. Some employees have been out sick and no one knows their results including a assistant principal 2. Superintendent is out sick does she have the coronavirus like they say she does? 3. Why is a day care being open in the central building where the Superintendent walks the halls and offices? 4. Why are cleaners, laborers, painters, mechanics and plumbers working in the school buildings when New Rochelle in a state of an emergency? 5. Why do part timers have a choice that they can stay home, get paid but they have to make up the time by June 30th? 6. Why is a custodian meeting move to NRHS which sits?

As of today I just received word the staff at IEY Middle School might be infected. Their direct supervisor has been sent home to be tested for showing flu like symptoms. The staff that works under him is being forced to stay I building but how affective is the cleaning if they all could be possibly infected.

You also have a music teacher from that building that’s been hospitalized for corona virus. IEY is contaminated and again why is buildings that’s closed still being used in any fashion.

The staff wants to leave the building but was told by union they’ll be charged with insubordination if they leave.

They also called the 800 # for the drive through testing. They explained the situation and was told they didn’t qualify being no one is showing any symptoms.

Someone is home sick and employees have been in contact with that person but they want the employees to keep working in a contaimated building that 5 people have been sick in, but they don’t know the results.

Is there anybody out there that can help these employees because this school district doesn’t care about it’s employees? When do we matter because plantation days should be over.

All I know is that everyone has to pray for everybody, but this district should be held accountable for what they are doing to their employees.

The End–
Kwamaine Dixon


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