Letter To The Editor: Don’t Be Cowards For Black Lives on Veteran’s Day

14963315_10154142337152615_6149705178413240347_nReal Talk 101: I send LOVE and THANKS to all of the Vets of all races that have protected this country. I send a special sentiment of Support & Prayers to all the ones that have/have not come home after serving to be treated like “Niggers!” and Half Citizens.

Lastly, I apologize to the Vet pictured to the left, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. A man affected by his time in service both mentality and physically that spent the last minutes of his life being called a Nigger while being shot by Officer Carelli of the White Plains Police Force.

I also apologize to Mr. Chamberlain on behalf of the real Soldiers in my City and County of 914 for the WEAK, SCARY and NEGLIGENT individuals that aren’t protesting in front of the Courthouse everyday at 8:30am, haven’t bought or worn a Justice for KC Sr. T-Shirt, as well as, those that haven’t attended this trial at least for one of its days.

Also to all of the Vets in the Hood, I’d be there if this was your Father without question. Where the hell are y’all? #914orce #HardTowardYourOwnButScaredOfThem #Stand4Something

– Chris Lat