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Let It Go Joe, Leave The People Of Mt Vernon Alone By Lorraine Lopez

You are trying to bully your way into a community that not only does not need you but doesn’t want you!

Ok. I am going out on a limb for a person that I called a friend…

Joseph, I know you better than most if not all the folks here. I know you to be a kind, compassionate, caring and giving individual. I know some of your secrets and most of your family life. I rocked with you for many years. The Joseph I know cares deeply about folks and takes the time on a Christmas eve to go shopping out of his own pockets to come with me and deliver gifts to the less fortunate families, especially the children.

You have always been opened minded. Your family origin consists of Judges, lawyers, etc. You have never been anyone to turn anyone away due to hardships, you have always been willing to help. You are caring and compassionate.  This is why I am perplexed and confused with what is happening to you lately. Yes, you have pride and a very strong ego, but that has never stopped you from being open-minded and doing what is right and just. Again, this is why I am so confused. Did you change? Please. Say it isn’t so!

Joseph, these folks have been around Mount Vernon way before you came into the picture. They have their struggles which they continue to fight on a daily basis.  They have a told you and reiterated countless of times of their hardships as well as their loyalty and commitment to THEIR city. They have never faltered nor will they concede.  They are expressing their grievances to you,  they are expressing their struggles and disappointments. They are her to stay and they are not going anywhere as this is THEIR town and rightfully so! Why on God’s earth are you fighting them? Why are you letting your inflamed ego get in the way?

They are just asking for you to step down and get out-of-the-way of their fight and let them continue on their journey to make Mt. Vernon great again. The truth is that you know nothing about them and their deep core sufferings and their struggle to help their people. You don’t belong there, Joe. A badge does not define you. You are trying to bully your way into a community that not only does not need you but doesn’t want you! You need to wake up to the realization that you don’t belong there. Let them be, basically, mind your own damn business.

You have no horse in this race and you will never be granted one. Face it! A badge does not define you nor will it get you to a true journey that is for you to take. Listen, to them! They have no choice but to attack you as you are being ignorant and refuse to listen to their cries! Just take the high road, the only road that you should be on. Listen to them and give up. Let them know that you have reflected and understand that agenda now.

Let them know that you will turn in your badge, resign. And after deep reflection that you support them on their journey. Joseph, it is not your place, it is not your issue, it is not your journey. You don’t belong there. Yes, I  concur that the title boasts your ego and tenure, but this is not the community to and excuse my language, but this is not the community for you to fuck with. Tell them that you are turning in your badge and title! It does not make you less of a man if anything it make you out to be a better man and much more respected cause you have seen the truth and light. So, as a friend, I ask you to please give it up,  Yale the high road and support them. You are not welcomed there. You will never be welcomed there unless you change your stance and opinion. Leave these good folks alone. They have enough problems they are really dealing with. You will never win!!!

So, please take the time to stand back, reflect and do what is right for this amazing community if you really care like you claim to! I stand in solidarity with them and so do thousands of others. Don’t let it go any further and do what is right by them if you truly care. Like I said, I stand in solidarity with them, but I also have faith in you to finally do the right thing. Of you don’t,  then you are not the Joe I know and believe in and I will bring my Latino friends into the mix to support them and can no longer call you a friend. Please, Joe, it won’t make you less of a man, it will make you a greater man. I hope you reflect and do the right thing for the community and for your family, your son!!

Best Regards, Lorraine.

I hope I won’t have to wake up tomorrow and call you a former friend as it won’t just be me. Think about it!!!




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