June 10, 2023

LeBron James Top’s Forbes Most Valuable Athlete List

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Back-to-back championships and four MVP awards have made King James the king of the NBA. His two-year contract with the Cavs and the sale of Beats By Dre to Apple help catapult LeBron to the top of the Forbes’ list of most valuable athlete brands in terms of endorsement deals and non-basketball earnings.

1. LeBron James ($37 million)
2. Tiger Woods ($36 million)
3. Roger Federer ($32 million)
4. Phil Mickelson ($29 million)
5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni ($20 million)
6. Usain Bolt ($19 million)
7. Cristiano Ronaldo ($17 million)
8. Kobe Bryant ($15 million)
9. Lionel Messi ($12 million)
10. Rafael Nadal ($10 million)

James is the NBA’s biggest endorsement star, thanks to deals with Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Upper Deck and others.

James, who turns 30 in December, earned $53 million off the court in the past year and his brand is worth $37 million. For the first time since 2007, the No. 1 spot is not owned by Tiger Woods, who dropped to No. 2, followed by Roger Federer, Phil Mickelson and Indian cricket star Mahendra Singh Dhoni rounding out the top five.

Kobe Bryant was the only other NBA athlete to crack the top 10 on Forbes’ list, which included Rafael Nadal as a newcomer to the club. The tennis star’s brand is worth $10 million according to Forbes’ calculations.

James signed a two-year deal with the Cavs worth approximately $42 million during the offseason.

With the start of the 2014-15 NBA basketball season nearing, anticipation builds at the King returns home to rule his throne!

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