Law Enforcement organization supports Mayor-Elect Eric Adams’s stance on Punitive Segregation.

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As a national organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we support NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams on his position on “Punitive Segregation.” within the NYC Correction Department.

We recognize the need for more conscious and humane correctional policies towards incarcerated residents.

Likewise, we recognize the need for accountability of incarcerated residents who prey, harm, assault other incarcerated residents, civilian staff, or officers.

According to the current NYC Mayor de Blasio’s Mayor’s Management report released in 2020 and reported by the NY Post. Serious staff injuries by incarcerated residents jumped to 65 percent on a monthly average this year compared to 49 percent in 2019. Violent incidents among individuals in custody rose to 80.1 percent from 68.9 percent

Serious injury to individuals in custody due to violent incidents among individuals in custody increased 9.6 percent from 2.5 percent — a 284 percent increase between 2019 and 2020.

Our correctional facilities are a microcosm of society. When people break laws in society, you want them to go to jail. But when people break the rules and regulations of the prison, you instead give them PlayStations, laptops, and IPads. These actions do not send a message to our residents, civilians, or officers that our facilities are safe and secure.

Our elected officials cannot have it both ways; you should have the same attitude about crime within the jails by incarcerated residents as you do in society.

When we support Punitive Segregation, We are not supporting abuse; we support accountability of actions that are harmful to others. When an incarcerated resident assaults, harms other residents, civilians, or officers, they have proved they have to be separated from the greater incarcerated society for the safety and security of the facility and the general public.

Damon K. Jones
New York Representative
Blacks in Law Enforcement of America.

Damon K. Jones

Damon K. Jones is an Activist, Author, and Publisher of Black Westchester Magazine, a Black-owned and operated newspaper based in Westchester County, New York.

Mr. Jones is a Spiritual Life Coach, Couples and Family Therapy Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, First Aid in Mental Health Practioner, Diet and Nutrition Advisor, and Vegan, Vegetarian Nutrition Life Coach.

Mr. Jones is a 32-year Law Enforcement Practioner New York Representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America.

Mr. Jones has been a guest commentator on New York radio stations WBLS (107.5 FM), WLIB (1190 am), WRKS (98.7 FM), WBAI (99.5 FM), and Westchester's WVOX (1460 am). Mr. Jones has appeared on local television broadcasts, including Westchester News 12 "News Makers" and Public Television "Winbrook Pride. You can now hear Damon every Wednesday at 830 AM on WFAS at 1230 AM, Morning with Bob Marone Show.

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