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Now They Can Call Me Mr. County Exec.

23476118_10155037113472411_363836552_nWhite Plains — The upset of the night took place in the top race, the County Executive seat. State Senator George S. Latimer unseated  two-term incumbent Robert P Astorino with 98,494 vote (57%) to Astorino’s 73, 519 votes (43%), with 81% of the votes in by presstime.

“Democrats, a mighty wave has hit Westchester County,” Latimer told enthusiastic supporters gathered at The Coliseum bar located at 15 S Broadway, .

Mount Vernon born and bred Latimer, a Democratic Rye state senator, emerged victorious after a bitter and expensive campaign where Republican Astorino’s campaign outspent him by a 3-to-1 margin up until the latest campaign filing period.

Astorino, gracious in defeat, in his concession speech, thanked Democrats who have supported him.

Latimer said President Donald Trump’s unpopularity played a role in his success, but Latimer heard from voters they wanted change.

“I think it’s that people want to know that they have a government that responds to them and not just talks to them – talks down to them,” Latimer shares with Black Westchester.

Latimer also believes Astorino’s negative campaign ads backfired.

Tuesday afternoon, I wrote,

After months of the silly season, an accumulation of accusations, petty personal attacks and let’s not forget plenty of political propaganda, I am proud to announce the next voice you will hear will be the people of Westchester County as they cast their votes for those who will run our cities, county legislature seats and sits in our county’s highest seat.

Not even after writing those very words did I know that the next voice you would hear would be Democrats throughout the county, who spoke loud and made their presence felt. I said in October 2017 issue, if Astorino wins his third term, it may be time for Reggie Lafayette to step down and let someone else galvanize and re-energize the party.

Maybe he heard me and made the adjustment and maybe he didn’t. Maybe Westchester just sent a clear message they were not pleased with the directions things are going in with our current Commander-In-Chief, either way when you are the head you get credit for the good as well as the bad and Reggie’s Dems did not let him down, Tuesday. Will this momentum carry into the Mid-Term Elections of 2018 only time will tell.


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