Larry Davis, Hood Legend to Some, Murderer to Others

On Nov. 19, 1986, the most famous shoot out of NYPD history when they attempted to arrest or assassinate Larry Davis. During that time, he became, for some, a symbol the relentless war on drugs, but to many black youths, he was a hood hero and a symbol of widespread mistrust of the police.

The November 19 shootout that Larry Davis had with the NYPD was spoken in every black household. It was a confirmation that police was crooked when they raided his Bronx apartment.

The police said that the raid was executed in order to question Davis about the killing of four suspected drug dealers.

Larry Davis eluded authorities for 17 days before his capture.Davis eventually surrendered to police.

At trial, Davis’s defense attorneys claimed that the raid was staged to assassinate him because of his knowledge of the involvement many NYPD police officers in the drug business.

On March 3, 1988, after presenting a defense based almost entirely on the assertion that he had been framed, Mr. Davis was acquitted of murder charges of the four suspected drug dealers 16 months earlier.

On Nov. 20, a Bronx jury acquitted him of attempted murder of nine police officers. The jury also acquitted Mr. Davis of six counts of aggravated assault in the wounding of six of the officers, one of whom was hit in the mouth and neck by a bullet and forced to retire. But the jury convicted him of six counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Mr. Davis was sentenced to 5 to 15 Years on weapons charges.

On Dec. 2, 1989, he was acquitted of fatally shooting a Harlem drug dealer in 1986.

After being acquitted for the murders of five drug dealers, on March 14, 1991, a jury convicted him of firing a shot through the closed door of a Bronx crack den, killing a drug dealer, Raymond Vizcaino, on Aug. 5, 1986. Mr. Davis was sentenced to 25 years to life.

In 2008, Larry Davis Was Stabbed to death in prison.