Westchester Dem Chair Lafayette calls Mayor Thomas a Hypocrite

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Mount Vernon Mayor, Richard W. Thomas
Westchester County Democratic Chairman Reginald Lafayette, who is also the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Chairman gave the approximately fifty people present a lesson on diplomacy using Mayor Thomas as an example, Tuesday night at the Mount Vernon City Council Statutory Meeting.

“I have urged the City Council to work with the Mayor,” said Lafayette referring to the ongoing Civil War in City Hall between the Mayor and the City Council.

“But it’s Hypocrisy to say that you’re trying to bring the city together and then to give a statement like that,” Lafayette states, referring to the Mayor’s speech a few minutes earlier (see Mayor Thomas speech below).

Lafayette is 100 % right; Thomas is a hypocrite, and many have come to the unfortunate realization of this fact after he was sworn into office. As the leader of the Democrats, that public criticism of Mayor Thomas has been long overdue here in Mt. Vernon. Is it a little too late?

Mayor Thomas is a product of the Mt. Vernon Democratic process. He is the effect and the cause is a culture of political cronyism. A political system that has refused to bring up young people in the political process to future leaders of the city. If I am wrong then, point to five under 30 that are being mentored.

The rise of Thomas is also the Democratic Party’s refusal for the necessary change to make the city something valuable for the future and our young people in Mt. Vernon. This is why Thomas is popular on social media with young people. They are tired of seeing their city in the condition that it’s in.  Unfortunately, they have yet to realize that Thomas is just a new face on an old political game in Mt. Vernon, or as we say, he’s just  a remix.

As illegal guns continue to infiltrate the city and bullets fly in daylight hours. Thomas’s cardboard response to the pain of the people is exposing his disconnect. Nevertheless, he’s a product of a void in the evolutionary need for real representatives of the people in the political process in Mt. Vernon.

A culture like the national DNC that has miscalculated on the pulse of the individuals with the lost to Trump. The party misunderstood that so many old, young and new voters who just wanted something different from the usual political rhetoric.

The Thomas Administration should be a wake-up call to Democratic Party leaders throughout Westchester County. It’s time to be more inclusive instead of exclusive because now and then you will produce a Richard Thomas like the nation has drawn up a Trump.

Yes, I was a Thomas supporter. I have also held him accountable for his hypocrisy from day one. I will continue to hold him accountable until he gets it right or get out of office.

I also expect others especially those in the position of leadership to stop standing on the sidelines silent like this is a Broadway play until Thomas’s foolishness effects you or a family member. Enough families have been negatively affected in 2016 by this city government stupidity.

It is a breath of fresh air that Chairman Lafayette has finally said something because his party is out of control and there are forces behind Thomas that do not respect the party, the process or the people of Mt. Vernon.

This is a very important year for the Mt. Vernon City Government. Three City Council seats are up this November. If Thomas is not indicted or in jail by then for his alleged illegal activity, he will be running three candidates. If those with ill intentions that financially back Thomas will rob the city blind. Can you say DETROIT?

Welcome to the front line Reggie for the fight of the future of Mt. Vernon, please stay awhile! 

Damon K. Jones

Damon K. Jones is an Activist, Author, and Publisher of Black Westchester Magazine, a Black-owned and operated newspaper based in Westchester County, New York.

Mr. Jones is a Spiritual Life Coach, Couples and Family Therapy Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, First Aid in Mental Health Practioner, Diet and Nutrition Advisor, and Vegan, Vegetarian Nutrition Life Coach.

Mr. Jones is a 32-year Law Enforcement Practioner New York Representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America.

Mr. Jones has been a guest commentator on New York radio stations WBLS (107.5 FM), WLIB (1190 am), WRKS (98.7 FM), WBAI (99.5 FM), and Westchester's WVOX (1460 am). Mr. Jones has appeared on local television broadcasts, including Westchester News 12 "News Makers" and Public Television "Winbrook Pride. You can now hear Damon every Wednesday at 830 AM on WFAS at 1230 AM, Morning with Bob Marone Show.

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DISAPPOINTED RESIDENT January 4, 2017 at 8:00 AM

The ENTIRE democratic party machine is a ball of corruption and Lafayette is the leader and promoter of this foolishness. So he is pot calling the kettle black. I remember when another party and group of people, another machine, ran mt vernon and we called them out, protested, boycotted only to have OUR people get AMNESIA and are now acting just like those people, if not worse. I AM TRULY Disappointed with their actions that have brought this city to where it is TODAY. THE NEED TO BE ASHAMED of their action. GOD WILL DRIVE THEM OUT.


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