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Community Advocate Kwamain Dixon Announces Candidacy For New Rochelle City Council – District 3

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Community Advocate Kwamain Dixon announced his intention to run for City Council in New Rochelle’s District 3, Saturday, January 28, exclusively with Black Westchester. Current District 3 Councilwoman Yadira Ramos-Herbert is running to become the city’s first female mayor instead of running for re-election. Dixon intends to run for the vacant seat.

“My name is Kwamain Dixon; I am a 47-year-old father of 3 and proud grandfather. I have been a resident of District 3 for almost 5 decades. I am formally announcing that I will be running for the vacant City Council seat in District 3. I am a well-known community advocate who has been boots on the ground when dealing with issues that affect district 3,” Dixon shared with Black Westchester.

Kwamain has a long history of advocacy and community involvement. He is the resident of the newly formed Lincoln Attendance Zone PTSA, currently serves on the African American Advisory Board, he served on DRI Committee (2019), served on the New Rochelle Police Review Committee (2020), received the Napoleon Holmes community service award (2021). He worked with Westcop, NRMHA, and Hope Community giving out needed groceries during Covid. He advocated along with others to ensure the City Park Residents was not left out during the breakfast and lunch program during Covid and fought alongside the Community against Macquesten Construction when they left an abandoned building up for over 3 years. He advocated for Heritage Homes.

“I am running with the hopes of bringing District 3 together as one. I hope we can unite to advocate, and fight together for the things we agree on collectively. I know we can come up with sensible and responsible solutions to the issues that we disagree on. I know we can achieve this by having hard conversations while being honest and respectful to each other,” Dixon continued.

Dixon also has a long-documented history of activism – from Lohud to the New York Times – for protesting in the May 1, 1992, disturbance to being involved in a community forum on police reform, a common action across the country that was spurred on by the deaths of George Floyd and local New Rochelle resident Kamal Flowers shortly afterwards.

“I am running with no Political agenda because I am no politician,” Dixon shared with Black Westchester. “I have a We the People agenda. The people of District 3 have been ignored for far too long now and it’s time for our voices to be heard. I am hopeful with your support we can finally raise our voices together in harmony and create the change we desire and progress together we are entitled to this as Residents of New Rochelle’s District 3.”

Kwamain Dixon has a consistent effort of taking care of his city and being a positive voice for the community, from rallying for economic justice to protesting for criminal justice, leading efforts to stop the violence and feeding his community during COVID, are just some of the examples he feels makes him just the right individual to continue his service for his community by representing District 3 in the City Council.

District 3 needs an advocate in City Hall and Kwamain Dixon is running for City Council because he believes he is the right man for a job.

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