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Kindo Art Answers Town Of Greenburgh Interim Attorney With Letter From His Legal Team

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Black Westchester reported that on Monday, September 19th the Town of Greenburgh Office of the Town Attorney sent a certified letter, ‘Notice Of Breach of Agreement And Demand For Immediate Remediation to Kindo Art, The letter says that Town contends that Kindo Art has breached the agreement for failure to properly complete the work as commission, And that the mural currently depicts several individuals and images that were never approved.

Well on Wednesday, September 21st Kindo Art and his company Paintbrush Wont Rush, LLC responded to the letter from the Greenburgh Town Supervisor with a letter of his own from his legal team Bernstein & Associates with the addition of L’Tanya Watkins Esq of New City, New York joining in the representation of Kindo Art.

The letter sent to Interim Town Attorney Joseph A. Danko via federal express and electronic email states the artist in not in breach of Agreement and that he has no intention of complying with “an unlawful Town Demand to remove the 20+ images from the first of the two mural.”

After completion and payment for the first of the two murals on Manhattan Avenue underpass below Interstate 287, we understand town officials received complaints from certain town residents who objected to one or more of the several dozen images from Black history that are depicted on the mural. However, that is no reason to unilaterally rewrite the terms of the existing agreement to create non-existence approval rights, which the Town could have asked for but never did, and then claim that my client is now in breach thereof.

this, for the reasons set forth in detail below, let me state unequivocally that my client is not in breach of the Agreement, he has complied with it’s terms in all respects, and he has no intention of complying with an unlawful Town Demand to remove “20+” images from the first of the two murals. In addition, we insist that the Town cease interfering with the Agreement, allow for the preservation and protection of the first mural, including removing the scaffolding therefrom, and allow for prompt completion of the second mural which, but for the Town’s unlawful interference, would have been completed last month.

read the entire letter below

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story. If you missed any of our coverage on the Manhattan Avenue Mural Controversy you can click here to get caught up.

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