Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Remains Regal While Republicans Reprised Their Lines Of Attack

Let me start of by given props to Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for handling herself with dignity while facing three days of questioning from Senate Judiciary Committee members considering her confirmation to the nation’s highest court. The Republican reprised their lines of attack against Jackson, questioning her sentencing in child pornography cases and probing how she might rule on cases involving abortion and Second Amendment rights. And she knew what to do with the republican race questions too.

“The debate over Jackson’s nomination has often had little to do with her. It has become an argument over a nominee who does not exist — one who does not respect America, is not truly religious, coddles child abusers and terrorists and has highly developed views about the importance of “woke” education. Yesterday, conservative activists used this portrayal to pressure moderate Democratic senators to vote against Jackson.” the New York Times reported.

Several Republican senators — including Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz yesterday — have tried to portray her as soft on child pornographers, Cruz and Marsha Blackburn tried to portray Jackson as an advocate for woke education, questioning her about critical race theory and the 1619 project, and many of the senators painted the picture that Ketanji Brown Jackson is soft on crime.

The increasingly animated Sen Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) kept going on about the treatment of Kavanaugh. He continued to ask KBJ how she would feel if they kept interrupting her and then wouldn’t allow her to answer his question because of his constant interruptions. Can you say hypocrisy boys and girls? He even went at least 10 minutes over his time, the banging gavel meant nothing to him.

He asked the Supreme Court nominee about the best forms of deterrence and punishment for those involved in child pornography, a repeated questioning topic for Republicans during the three-day confirmation hearings.

“Do you think it’s a bigger deterrent to take somebody who’s on a computer, looking at sexual images of children in the most disgusting way, is to supervise their computer habits versus putting them in jail?” Graham asked as he fumed over her rulings. She replied she never said supervision instead of incarceration, but he did stop Graham from making his point that she was soft on pedophiles.

Then there was Sen, Cruz who totally ignored Leahy rebuke midway through Wednesday’s confirmation hearing. The gavel meant nothing to him either, as Cruz continued to interrupt the proceedings.

“I know the junior senator from Texas likes to get on television, but most of us have been here a long time trying to follow the rules,” Sen Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) said.

In the silence between Sen. Josh Hawley’s and Sen. Mazie Hirono’s time for questioning, Cruz interjected and asked that a letter signed by 10 GOP senators be added to the record. The letter, addressed to Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin, demands Democrats release probation reports from child pornography cases that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson handled.

Hawley, who finished his questioning moments before Cruz’s interjection, spent his time asking Jackson about her child pornography rulings.

“Just now, Judge Jackson told Senator Hawley you cannot understand the cases without reading the probation reports,” Cruz said. “Ten senators on this committee are asking the chairman to provide those reports so we can do what Judge Jackson just said, which is to assess those reports.

She did take the liberty to corrected Sen. Thom Tillis on Wednesday after he misrepresented her decision in a 2020 ruling.

Tillis (R-N.C.), the last GOP lawmaker to question Jackson during the first round of her Senate Judiciary Hearing, asked her Wednesday about United States v. Wiggins, in which she declined to grant an inmate early release amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Tillis’s questioning suggested that he believed Jackson supported release for the inmate and the senator interrupted the Supreme Court nominee multiple times as she attempted to explain. You see a pattern here. The GOP know how to stay on message, like nobody’s business. while the Dems keep letting the message get twisted by the republicans.

Graham wasn’t the only one talking about previous confirmations, Senator Shelton Whitehouse, the democratic Senator from the great state of Rhode Island ran on and on about the Federalist Society picking the conservative nominees during Trump’s reign of terror and never actual asked her a question. She sat there as stoic as she did when Graham and Cruz ran on and on. You could see glimpses of what she was really thinking in her facial expressions, I would love to interview her inner voice to hear her true thoughts.

While neither party is entirely innocent from turning these confirmation hearings into political partisan shit shows, there is at least one fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats, the GOP never let little things like facts or truth get in the way of spinning their party talking points or regurgitating political rhetoric, including throwing out a plethora of provably false statements. The hearing was a disgrace and further proof that Black Excellence is terrifying to them.

This powerful sister displayed the epitome of Black excellence. They tried everything to defame her name with baseless claims. In return she gave them a master class in decorum and grace, all I can do it sing ‘Sorry Ms. Jackson, you are for real, sad to see the Republicans try, they should apologize a trillion times,’ in my best Andre 3000 voice.

As the world watched Brown Jackson being grilled relentlessly by a group of grumpy old white men from day one. She never let the buffoonery get her off her game because she understood the assignment. It was obvious her interrogators on the right do not see her as an equal, but she answered – with grace and a smile – questions that her white counterparts would never be asked. She is being held up to far more scrutiny than any white man in her position would be, not to mention the line of questioning from across the aisle has devolved into the absolutely ridiculous. This hearing is a total disgrace to her qualifications.

She been confirmed previously by this body, and it’s expected she will be confirmed again, so it’s not even about winning and losing for the party of Trump. It’s about feeding their base red meat ahead of the midterms and 2024 presidential elections. But with the exception of Sen. Corey Booker and a few others the democrats did not do enough to protect or defend her. Some like Senator Whitehouse missed the mark completely and showed he did not understand the assignment. We shouldn’t celebrate too soon because the Democrats are famous for fumbling on the five-yard line or giving up a 20-point lead in the last quarter and losing the game like my New York Knicks and that’s Real Talk!

  • Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is more qualified then those sitting on the Supreme Court Justice now!!!

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