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Kenneth Chamberlain Jr, Son Of Man Killed By Police Say Westchester County Needs To Wake Up

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. Responds Reginald Lafayette's Comments In Interview About Not Needed An Independent Prosecutor!

Just weeks after the three-year anniversary on the decision by a Westchester County Grand Jury not to indict White Plains Police Officer Anthony Carelli on the killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr, Westchester County Democratic Chairman Reginald Lafayette appeared on Total Faith Network and said he doesn’t think Westchester County needs an Independent Prosecutor.

After watching TFN , Kenneth Chamberlain Jr, one of the founders of the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform expressed his disapproval of Mr. Lafayette’s  comments on the public access cable show. Chamberlain’s father was shot and killed inside his apartment by members of the White Plains Police Department responding to a medical emergency call from his LifeAid pendant, on Nov. 19, 2011. He wore the device because he had a heart condition and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

“Ok Westchester County you really need to wake up!!! The Westchester County Democratic Committee Chairman Mr. Reginald A. Lafayette said that he doesn’t think New York State needs and Independent Prosecutor for questionable police shootings and that we have to determine whether or not we need an independent prosecutor on a case by case basis,” Chamberlain tells BW.

On TFN, Lafayette continued to say, ‘We have a countywide prosecutor who can come in at anytime, he’s the Attorney General.” While that is true, to date that has yet to happen when Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore’s office fails to indict officer in police criminality cases like Kenneth Chamberlain. Not only has DA DiFiore failed to indict to the officers who killed his father, she also justified their racial actions by saying that White Plains Police calling his father the ‘N-word’ (which should have classified it as a hate crime) was just a tactic to distract him.

“There are several problems with that and the first is that the majority of people wanting this independent prosecutor,” Chamberlain Jr continues. “If they vote, they vote Democrat. Second thing is the consistent pattern is that there will be a failure to indict on a local level even if the evidence suggest otherwise [Chamberlain’s father’s murder was recorded by LifeAid]. So I can’t help but ask myself if the Democratic chair is saying this, then do the Democratic Elected Officials that I and many others voted for, have our best interest at heart? Hmmmmm something to think about listen to this interview at the 17:00 min mark up to 21:33.”

Click here to watch the entire, Reginald Lafayette interview on Total Faith Network show.

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