Kenneth Chamberlain Jr, Continues To Fight The Power – IT AINT OVER!!!

20161118_093555.jpgOk so I haven’t written much during the trial, I sat back and waited, but now its time for some REAL TALK!

The morning after the jury served Kenneth Chamberlain Jr a sucker punch that had him down for the eight count and should have knocked him out for good after they ruled in favor of the defendant, White Plains Police Officer Anthony Carelli, the cop who shot and killed his father on November 19, 2011, he gets back up. One day before the 5th anniversary of the summary execution of his dad, when most people would have woken up somber and depressed, crying why is this happening, complaining how it’s not fair, Chamberlain Jr goes back on Facebook Live to record a video with Public Enemy’s 1989 black anthem, “Fight The Power,” playing in the background to let his supporters know, IT AINT OVER! “They may have won the battle, but we will win the war,” Chamberlain Jr., boldly pronounces (see video below).

Now let me be clear here and I have said this to Kenny many times in person, I give this brother all the credit in the world. I would like to think I would move like he has since the summary execution of his dad. But not just fighting for justice for his dad but standing with many others who are fighting for justice of their loved one. Instead of singing NWA “F*ck Tha Police” this brother is moving to Chuck D’s defiant battle cry “Fight The Power,” that also got heavy rotation the summer of 1989 along with the NWA anthem. They were often sang in unison in protests as it they were one song.

“I know what the city of White Plains thought, they thought it was over,” Chamberlain Jr., starts off his Facebook Live video Friday morning shaking his head. “I am who I am, so I am who I am. And everyone knows that I’m a soldier, no matter how it goes down, no matter how it plays out, I’m a soldier… and as a fighter, it’s not whether you get knocked down, it whether you get back up…”

Those words by this brother the day after the jury ruling, the day before the fifth anniversary of the summary execution of his dad, should challenge everyone who believes in justice, freedom and equality to stand with this man. But therein lies the problem, everyone isn’t willing to stand up. Some because of fear of losing their job or maybe financial contributions from local government or fear facing some sort of other retaliation. But the same people who would reach out to Kenneth for help if it was their loved one lost, are not willing or have not the heart to stand with him.

But instead of being bitter, he simply says, “We have work to do people, we have work to do.”

Yet our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops refuse to fight. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that they would rather switch than fight.

“Again we have work to do,” Kenneth continues in the video, “and this is where I need my real soldiers, men and women, we have to stand on this front line…”


Saturday at 5:00PM, Chamberlain Jr. and supporters will gather in front of the White Plains Police Department (77 South Lexington Ave) to remember Kenneth Chamberlain, to remember how they took his life (see flyer above).

“We are going to be there, we are going to remember my father, we are going to remember that they took his life and they didn’t have to, we are going to remember that,” Chamberlain Jr., lets his supporters know. “But we are not going to be sad, we are going to be there and were going to tell them that we’re going to fight the powers to be, that we’re going fight the power. That’s what we are going to do.”

Let us remember this was a medical call that turned into a summary execution. The police were call to assist him and instead called him a Nigger, tasered him, shot him with 4 bean bags (each with the power of a Mike Tyson punch or fastball from Nolan Ryan) then shot and killed him. They yelled, screamed, mocked and tormented the Marine veteran in the 90 minute standoff the led to Chamberlain’s death and according to the medical examiner’s report they lied about it and not one officer has lost their job or been tried or convicted.

I have seen more people in Westchester County outraged and come out, rally and march for Eric Garner (Staten Island) or Mike Brown (Ferguson) and others who were killed thousands of miles away like Trayvon Martin (Florida), but won’t come out and speak to local issues here in Westchester County like the summary execution of Kenneth Chamberlain. Brother Kenneth needs our strength, he needs our support. This could be YOUR father, YOUR brother, YOUR husband or YOUR child next. Executed by the police without any form of repercussion or penalty of law.

Where are our Black Leaders? Where are our Black Preachers and Black Elected Officials? Where are the Black Cops? Where are th Black Correction Officers? We are putting you on warning now. If you are not going to stand up, move aside and make room for someone who will. As far as you elected officials, if we do not see you now, we DO NOT want to see you at election time. If we do not see you, do not expect to see us when you run for re-election.

I used to joke that Black Men were an endangered species but I have to stop saying that, because endangered species are protected by the government. Its open season on black lives. So rare species of animal are respected and protected more than black lives. Let’s be real, Black Lives DO NOT Matter in Westchester County, if they did, Officer Carielli would be in a jail cell and not still a member of the WHITE Plains Police Department.

To the White Plains Police Department and all elected officials (especially the Black ones), Kenneth Chamberlain Jr, does not stand alone and this not over by a long shot. We may not be able to cast a vote against you as a resident of the city of White Plains, but we can come out in full force and make sure you are not re-elected. To the WPPD, we will continue to shine a bright light on your systematic racism and keep applying pressure until Carielli is no longer a police officer and until there is justice for Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. We will not go away. We will not stop standing with his son until justice is done and we will keep coming back to your city with more and more people until you do what is right.

Chamberlain Jr’s lawyers will be appealing the outcome. Notice of Claim will be filed Friday or Monday the latest.

BW salutes our brother Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., and stands with him in this battle and encourage all who are reading this who believes in Justice, Freedom and Equality to stand with him. Who is with us, because we’ve only just begun. #JusticeForKennethChamberlainSr. Now that’s REAL TALK!!!