June 10, 2023
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Former Police Officer, Ken Williams Speaks To Dr. Boyce Watkins About Eric Garner’s Death

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Former police officer Ken Williams speaks to Dr. Boyce Watkins of Your Black World and gives direct and specific information about the police death of Eric Garner, who died in the hands of the NYPD. According to Williams, the officers involved in the incident, along with the medical personnel in involved in the case, were blatantly negligent in not administering CPR to Garner when he was on the ground.

He also says that there was a fraud committed by officers and medical professionals who basically pretended that a dead man was alive while the cameras were rolling.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUWJC8qZWRs&w=800&h=600]

Garner was being stopped by police for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. He became upset that officers had been harassing him, when they suddenly took him to the ground. The officers used a chokehold that is considered to be deadly force by the United States Supreme Court, since it cuts off the oxygen supply to the brain.

Since Garner’s passing, civil rights activists and community organizers around the country have become up in-arms over what happened. Williams says that those involved should be fired, there should be an investigation and that someone should be prosecuted.

Williams also makes a very interesting point about the fundamental disrespect for African-American life that is shown in situations like this. He says that this incident would never have occurred if Garner had been a wealthy white man in a more affluent section of Manhattan.

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k.mayyavous August 7, 2014 at 3:31 PM

The problem i see is that we, us, black people do not understand the nature of the problem. i say that because we are surprised every time the police kill one of us. the un-punished murder of black and brown people in this country by the police or regular people has gone on since we got here. When a confrontation occurs between most white cops and a black person, several things come into the cops mind. 1) I’m afraid so I have to react hard so I don’t get killed, 2) I don’t understand these people so I’m not going to listen. 3) I hate working in this precinct and i hate my job. 5) these people are animals. Rarely do think they think about serve and protect.

The majority (not all) Cops are on a power trip and over react when confronted. Also some are punks and are really scared, others are violent and brutal and want to F**k someone up. We need to understand this!!!! EMT’s are scared too, especially in NYC, if an EMT rolls onto a scene and the Cops tell them to butt out they will because they need the cops to protect them. WHAT DO WE DO? if we get in a confrontation with the police, conduct ourselves in a way that will increase our chances of going home and filing a complaint. Raising your voice, getting angry and creating a scene leads to getting beat up, and going to jail or getting killed…I’M NOT SAYING WHAT THEY DO IS RIGHT, IT’S DEAD WRONG, but until we can get the justice system to value our lives we CAN control how we react to police misconduct. We should want to go home and get on the phone with a lawyer instead of going to jail or having our families crying on TV while they wait for another statement saying the police actions were justified…how many times does this have to happen before we change our tactics?


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