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Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. Considers Running For Mayor Of White Plains

White Plains — Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., is considering whether or not to throw his hat in the ring in the upcoming mayoral race in White Plains. As an agent for positive change, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr, has often found himself asked where are our leaders.

“I have asked this question before and I will ask it again where are those individuals that we call leaders actually leading us?,” Chamberlains tells BW. “In the past four years I have witnessed so much deceit and abuse of power and it seems that many of our leaders be it community, faith-based, or elected are more concerned with position and not purpose.”

Co-Founder of The Westchester Coalition for Police Reform, after the senseless murder of his father at the hands of the White Plains Police Department, Chamberlain has been on the forefront of the fight for better police-community relations. Reaching out to all police commissioners and elected officials throughout Westchester County, he scratches his head at the lack of push back from the community leaders, elected officials and other law enforcement officers, in the many examples of police criminality in the county.

“The making of too many compromises, the failure to do what you said you were going to do,” Chamberlain continues. “I understand that doing the right thing may not be the easy thing to do; but there comes a time when you have to stop justifying what you know is wrong.”

After not find enough individuals to step up, he is exploring answering the call.

“I have had many people ask me about a possible run for public office so I think that it may be time to put together any exploratory committee to determine whether or not a run for office in the City of White Plains is in the best interest of the people.”

It’s time for new leadership, it’s time to move this city in a new direction, it’s time for the City of White Plains to truly be a city for all people and with the right leadership it can happen it’s not impossible or as Nelson Mandela once said “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Let’s get it done!!!

So Chamberlain started a Facebook page to express his interest in answering the call to serve and the calls, texts and emails starting coming in. So he called BW to exclusively announce and explain his intentions.

“My cell phone has been going crazy; I have been receiving text messages and inboxes around my post for running for Mayor of White Plains. Let me explain something this is the beginning of an exploratory stage the testing the waters for the purpose of determining the feasibility of my candidacy for office. It is a process, so join the group page and encourage others to do the same. Thank You.”

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more details as they develop.


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  1. Kenneth Chmaberlain Jr. is a strong young black man that has great leaderships skills, very intelligent who will be a great Mayor. I highly Recommend him.

  2. I highly reccomend someone like him to do what’s right in our community he has my full support

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