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Kenneth Chamberlain Jr Thanks Those Who Continue To Stand With His Family In The Fight For Justice

I want to say thank you to all of you who continue to stand with my family and I as we continue the fight to get justice in the killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. We truly appreciate all the love and support we have been given these past 6 years.

As you all are aware by now the Department of Justice under the leadership of Jeff Sessions made a decision to close the case surrounding my father’s death and although we are upset about this decision it comes as no surprise. I have maintained all along that the rule of law does not apply to men and women of color and rather than do a full investigation and having the FBI go out and interview witnesses, hire forensics pathologists and ballistics experts to challenge the narrative that was told by law enforcement they do nothing and then say that there is not sufficient enough evidence to move forward criminally.

Instead of focusing on the last seconds before my father lost his life why not examine all the evidence because that way we would see that the police created the situation with their lack of professionalism, disrespectful, egotistical and racist behavior that was all disallowed. I’ve said before that this epidemic of police brutality is not a new phenomenon its been going on since its inception and has not now or ever placed value on our lives and yet many of us especially Black leadership have a problem with addressing the issues directly, instead you side with your abuser develop compassion and even loyalty for those who would do you harm.

We are at the crossroads the point where two roads meet and you can no longer straddle the fence or play both sides when it comes to fighting these types of injustices. Remember Martin Luther King said that he’s not worried about any man or anything because he’s been to the mountain top and his eyes have seen the coming of the Lord and Malcolm X said he lives like a man who has died already so for me that means that in order to truly live there has to be a cause greater than yourself that you are willing to die for.

So let’s not wait until the pain of your circumstance and staying as you are becomes too unbearable, change your attitude of it’s not my problem until it’s my problem and take action; challenge the unchallenged.

To our Community and Faith Based Leadership allow me to paraphrase something I heard someone say…. stop turning a blind eye and acknowledge the presence of the enemy. Stop using the virtue of love and patience to hide the vice of cowardice….. Remember if you want freedom don’t ask or beg for it demand it by any means necessary.

Kenneth Chamberlain Junior


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