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Judge Greg Mathis Compares Flint Water Crisis A Terrorist Attack

Judge Mathis said If someone “either fraudulently or misrepresented the facts that they knew to be untrue … then yes, it is criminal.”

Flint Water PlantFlint, Michigan — Famed retired Detroit judge and television personality Judge Greg Mathis, compared the government’s criminal negligence in relation to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, to a deliberate terrorist attack, in a video interview with Rolling Out TV.

Judge Mathis who is known for his activism involving social issues, minced no words as he noted how Homeland Security and other government agencies over the years have warned about the nation’s water supply being a “soft target” for “terrorist” yet in Michigan the government is the one that knowingly allowed people to drink from a poisoned water source.

Judge Mathis said in this case, government negligence was so gross that it may rise to the level of criminal charges.

Judge Mathis is part of a grassroots legal team that are there to help the people of Flint with any legal assistance they may need in addition to helping them with their immediate water needs.

Should criminal charges be filed against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and members of his administration for the poisoning of an American city?

Judge Mathis believes if the emails circulated between members of Gov. Snyder’s administration about lead levels in the City of Flint, Michigan’s water indicate that someone “either fraudulently or misrepresented the facts that they knew to be untrue … then yes, it is criminal.”

Mathis also explained that if the water crisis was a direct result of “gross negligence,” criminal charges could be filed against those involved.

Mathis told Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, that Gov. Snyder should “certainly resign.”

“You know we hear this personal responsibility among the Republicans, quite frankly the conservative crowd — Black youth, Black families have to take personal responsibility for their actions — well, let’s see some personal responsibility here by resigning,” Judge Mathis said.

Many feel that it is absurd that the Obama administration is failing in its obligation to its own citizens and not showing the same urgency for human life as was shown in efforts to evacuate Syrian refugees who were victims of a man-made disaster outside of the United States.

Much of the water is so toxic in Flint that it is beyond being successfully filtered. We have given water and money but…


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