Joy Haber Announces Her Candidacy For Greenburgh Town Council

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Longtime Greenburgh District Leader and Chair of the Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee, Joy Haber has announced her candidacy for Greenburgh Town Council.

“I have been active in Democratic politics since my mom used to bring me as a kid to lick stamps at headquarters in Englewood, New Jersey,” said Haber. “I was raised in a very racially and economically diverse community and understand the benefits and challenges. I was also raised to help and give back and I’ve done that with my political leadership roles, my community/school volunteerism, and my career in non-profit and with the Westchester County Board of Legislators for the past 12 years.”

“Ask any working mom, particularly those in elected office. It is hard to do it all! Now that my kids are older, I have more time to give back,” said Haber. “I also have gained more knowledge of the community and its issues, as well as more relationships to accomplish our shared goals in Greenburgh.”

“As the mother of one child with special needs, I bring a unique perspective to the position. My daughter had a stroke when she was born, and she has faced physical, emotional and learning challenges. It’s in learning how to advocate for her needs that I have honed my skills in understanding complex issues, creative problem solving, finding common ground, and maintaining a fierce determination to accomplish whatever is needed for the best possible outcome.”

A few local Westchester Dems sang her praises like Andrea Reed, Area Chair of Fairview and Westchester County Legislator Colin Smith,

“As the newest Area Chairwoman, Joy Haber was one of the first veteran Committee Chairs who reached out to me and embraced me.  Along with her very impressive resume, I have come to know Joy as a very compassionate, genuine, kind, loyal person who I am happy to call my friend.  She has great innovative ideas that will help catapult the town of Greenburgh.  Her heart for the people of Greenburgh is why I am honored to support her for Greenburgh Town Council,” Reed shared.

“Joy Haber is a Communications professional whose role is vital to ensuring that the people of Westchester County know what their government is doing for them. In the past few years working together, I’ve seen her commitment to our constituents and her strong work ethic. These things will serve her well as a Greenburgh Town Councilmember.” Legislator Colin Smith stated.

Haber summed it up by saying, “Greenburgh has to move forward with initiatives on affordable housing, police reform, sustainability, as well as improve the relationships between the Unincorporated and Village residents and governments, and bridge racial and cultural divisions. It’s a tall order but I have gained a lot of support for being the best candidate to make a difference.”

The process begins with the nomination by the Greenburgh Democrats, on February 23, where they will choose two candidates for council. One candidate, current councilmember Gina Jackson, will seek reelection, and a second councilmember, Ken Jones, will not run for reelection. Vice Chair of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, and district leader in the Greenburgh Democratic Town Committee Jonathan Campozano has also thrown announced his candidacy.

After the February Convention it will be known if there will be a primary or not.

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