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Joseph Spiezio : His Illegitimacy as a Police Commissioner and Putting a community at risk!

In March 2018, NYS Attorney Generals Office filed a Felony Complaint against Mt. Vernon Mayor Thomas. In May 2018, Mayor Thomas was indicted on all charges.

An investigation further revealed that Thomas allegedly lied on his 2016 annual statement of financial disclosure with the City of Mount Vernon when he did not reveal that businesses controlled by an individual referred to in the felony complaint as “Individual-1″.

After examining the Felony Complaint, the reader can quickly figure out that Individual -1 is no other than Mount Vernon Deputy Commissioner, Joseph Spiezio III.

March 2018 Felony Complaint:

4. In mid-September 2015, while THOMAS was running for mayor, three payments from three separate entities (Company -1, Company 2, and Company -3) totaling $2,800 were paid to THOMAS personal America Express card.

4-C. All three companies are controlled by the same individual (“Individual-1).

8. On November 16, 2015, a wire payment from Company-3’s bank account at Westchester Bank for $5,253.88 was made to the Thomas Amex.

16. Shortly after taking office, THOMAS appointed Individual-1– the same person who had paid over $8,000 towards the Thomas AMEX account — to a high -ranking position with a City agency that deals with public safety, although he had no prior law enforcement experience.

It’s unfortunate for the people of Mt. Vernon that they have to endure such shenanigans when all they want is a safe, clean city. How can you have Legitimacy, Transparency, and Accountability when you have a Deputy Police Commissioner, Joseph Spiezio who is not legitimate, who has no prior police experience and bought his way into a position that has caused serious concern about Mount Vernon’s Public Safety?

Former Mt. Vernon Commissioner Robert Kelly legal testimony to explains Spiezio’s role in usurping his authority as Police Commissioner. Spiezio used his position as a Thomas campaign and personal financer to take control of the police department illegally. According to Kelly, Spiezio had a Florida drivers license, meaning he wasn’t a New York State resident and it was illegal for him to hold a law enforcement position not being a resident.

Commissioner Kelly Stated:

7. Present in the conference room were THOMAS, Joseph Spiezio (herein SPIEZIO), an associate of THOMAS who had made both political and personal financial contributions to THOMAS.

8. On or about January of 2016, KELLY was informed directly by THOMAS that he was appointing SPIEZIO as a Deputy Police Commissioner. KELLY clarified with THOMAS in person at City Hall, that this was only an honorary position and provided THOMAS with an Honorary Deputy Police Commissioner badge for this purpose. THOMAS acknowledged same and accepted the honorary badge he would give to SPIEZIO.

15. On or about January of 2016, KELLY held a staff meeting at Police Headquarters where he informed senior police staff that SPEIZIO had no line authority in the Police Department. KELLY informed staff that SPIEZIO, as an Honorary Deputy Police Commissioner, did not have authority to make decisions or give orders impacting police operations.

16. Following that meeting on or about January of 2016, SPIEZIO sent KELLY multiple text messages, one that read in part, “Please make certain that the men know my position in the department and please refrain to (sic) statements that I have no authority and not to listen to me or like I am a nobody…. but if anyone wants to challenge my authority then that will be an issue… I suggest those in the staff people are corrected.”

18. On February 1, 2016, SPEIZIO was present at police headquarters and completed personnel forms to formalize his position as a Deputy Police Commissioner with the City of Mount Vernon. These form(s) required KELLY’s endorsement to legitimize SPIEZIO’s appointment pursuant to the City Charter.

19. As a form of identification in support of required documentation, SPEIZIO provided a Florida driver’s license. As a matter of law, New York Consolidated Laws, Public Officers Law – PBO § 3-b(1), appointment to a sworn law enforcement position requires New York State residency. SPEIZIO’s prima facie out of state residency made him ineligible to hold a sworn law enforcement position in New York. KELLY subsequently refused to endorse SPEIZIO’s personnel appointment.

Spiezio is a professional garbage man. Now there is nothing wrong with being a garbage man; it’s a notable profession, but he has no place being in charge of Public Safety. His actions have only put the hard-working officers of MVPD and the community at risk, leaving the city with way too many lawsuits and judgments, and taxpayers footing the bill. The result is the many losses of life that we have seen under his command that he has failed to understand.

The illegal appointment of Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio, a major campaign donor, a civilian, with no law enforcement background and has inserted himself into homicide investigations and harassed city employees. His actions in our Police Department over the last year should cause alarm for all residents in the city of Mt. Vernon.

Mayor Thomas has put the city in danger by allowing a campaign donor to hold an illegal Law Enforcement position and unfettered access to systems like New York Statewide Police Information Network NYSPIN. The NYSPIN system is for official use only and may only be used for criminal justice purposes. He also has access to The National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Criminal justice agencies enter records into NCIC that are accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide. With a click on a computer, Mr. Spiezio can gain anyone private and personal information, current investigations for his personal gain.

We have taken the liberty to print a few documents to support our conclusion that Spiezio has put the Mt. Vernon community at risk, retaliated and harassed city employees and elected officials and used his position as Deputy Police Commissioner for his own personal benefit.

for more documents and videos you can click here at Spiezio Documents 


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