June 10, 2023

Mt Vernon Resident: City Council Candidate Stole From Me

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At a recent Mount Vernon City Council Meeting, Mount Vernon resident Glenn Herious came to speak out on the Mount Vernon Democratic Nomination of City Council Candidate John Boykins. While the details are still unclear why Herious was unable to speak even though he signed up as a speaker, the often outspoken Samuel L. Rivers used some of his time to speak on Herious behalf.

In the parking lot Herious was introduced to BW following the council meeting and we sat down with the Mount Vernon homeowner the next day for an exclusive interview. With everything going on in the Mount Vernon race for Mayor and City Council and several time sensitive news stories, we were unable to sit and edit the interview to share with all of you until now.

In the interview Herious makes some very strong allegation about Boykin accepting money to facilitate the repairs to Herious home due to damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. Herious alleges Boykins was paid, never completed the work and Mt Vernon city court ruled in Herious favor that Boykin must pay back the money, but has yet to do so.

In all fairness, we had already scheduled the City Council Candidate to appear on The People Before Politics Radio Show, Sunday, August 16th at 6PM and we will allow him to address these allegations for himself. Check out the video for the entire exclusive interview where Herious sits down with BW’s Damon K. Jones and feel free to share our feedback in the comment section. Don’t forget to catch City Council Candidate John Boykin of PBP Radio Sunday August 16th.

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