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Joe Pemberton Explains What’s Going On At Memorial Field

Janelle Allbritton chops it up with Architectural Designer, Joe Pemberton In Part 2 of This Investigative Series On Memorial Field

Joe Pemberton, Mount Vernon’s Department of Public Works, Architectural Designer chops it up with investigating reporter, Janelle Allbritton breaking down What’s Going On at Memorial Field in Mount Vernon, NY. Pemberton addresses some of the issue as a response to Black Westchester’s ‘Decade of Decay’ Memorial Field piece posted last week. Mr. Pemberton shares architectural plans, comparing former Mayor Clinton Young’s plans to the new plans of Mayor Ernie Davis and addresses the notion that nothing is happening.
While Ms. Allbritton gets some much-needed answers, as to the 8 lanes versus 6 lane track area, the tennis court upgrade, etc., Black Westchester will continue to dig deeper to get a projected timeline and keep you informed with any progress or further delays. BW will be reaching out to all the major players involved including former Mayor Young who rendered the original plans, current Mayor Ernie Davis who submitted the new revised plans, Mt. Vernon Councilwoman Debra Reynolds who opposed the new plans and Westchester County Board Of Legislators Majority Whip Lyndon Williams (D-Mount Vernon) who worked to secure the Legacy Program funding for Memorial Field and others to get to the heart of the matter. Check out the video below and leave your feedback in the comment section.


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8 Comments on Joe Pemberton Explains What’s Going On At Memorial Field

  1. This is why alot of good people got the hell out of Mt.Vernon! It is politics as usual with the same cast of characters, They are still playing political musical chairs.

  2. all that is bull shit talk it doesn’t take that long and why go back to the former mayor if you take your hands out of the money shit can be done the gov. needs to send a investigating team to check weres the money because all i hear is talk for years this place been a mess. the only city that a high school grad. cant’t get a garbage job cause all felons got them y’all so full of shit

  3. Kevin Mattavous // July 10, 2014 at 1:30 PM //

    Joe Pemberton was a youth tackle legend we used to call him Touchdown Joe Pemberton he was a Razorback Coach, a Red Raider and Blue Bomber player he has a lot of history coaching and playing football in MV, its good to see him spearheading the architectural side of the Memorial field project. I’ve seen memorial stadium at its best when the MV Knights would play home games it was an event, semi pro football and baseball games, a Grambling Classic, a Giants and Redskin practice and at its lowest coaching Razorbacks and MVHS football when it was an abject DUMP….heres hoping that they get it together and get Memorial field back to a Stadium so we can be once again proud of it!!

  4. I am pleased to see that people are getting worked up about this. We have been bull…..ed for far too long on this and many other issue regarding Mt Vernon. It has become populist speak to let the politicos know that the pitchforks are gonna be coming if things don’t get straightened out. Time is running out for those who serve themselves at the expense of the working people of the city.

  5. joe petey is my dude, but this whole thing was about tennis courts, he of all people should know that NOBODY cares about no f******* tennis courts right now, its about the f****** field!!!! i mean c’mon, 6 lanes 8 lanes, if thats the holdup, i smell a rat

  6. Stay Tuned To Black Westchester on our Investigative Series on Memorial Field. We will continue to monitor all progress and or delays and continue to dig deep and get answers from all the majors players

  7. Renita Scott // July 3, 2014 at 11:20 AM //

    Whatever and whomever regarding administrations…ACTION is what’s NEEDED!!!

  8. I believe the tennis courts to be the least important portion of the site. I see empty tennis courts all over the place and would like to see evidence of growth. It is my recollection that the courts were clay and that was the draw. What will the new surface be. Memorial Field was a football stadium with some tennis courts. If the administration thinks they are gonna re create Wimbledon at the corner of Sanford Blvd and Garden the good people of Mt Vernon are being set up for more disappointment.
    Comparing the former mayors vision (or lack thereof) to the current administration vision (or lack thereof) is smoke and mirrors.
    Domed tennis courts with a viewing house. You have gotta be kidding. Another place to play cards

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