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Jacob Blakes Handcuffs Removed, Felony Vacated And Deputy Removed From Door, Why Was He Shot And Shackled In The First Place

The handcuffs that were shackled to Jacob Blake, even as he lies paralyzed in a hospital bed, have been removed and deputies have left his room.

Blake, 29, has been a patient at Froedtert Hospital since being shot seven times by Kenosha Police Officer  Rusten Sheskey last weekend. Despite his critical injuries, his movements remained restricted until noon on Friday, Jacob Blake’s attorney just told WISN-12 News reporter Terry Sater

The the felony warrant against Blake has just been vacated, handcuffs removed in his hospital bed, and the deputies have left his room at Froedtert Hospital. ‘Earlier today, Mr. Blake posted the bond underlying the arrest warrant, enabling his release…

Now it’s been a busy news week, Trump and the RNC hold a spreader convention, observing no COVID-19 protocols, two hurricanes hit the United States including Hurricane Laura which was described as unsurvivable tear through Louisiana and Texas, NBA players strike inspiring people to pay closer attention to players’ racial-justice messages. The Bucks’ decision began a movement that spread not only to the other 13 teams inside the NBA’s bubble at the Walt Disney World Resort but also to several other sports leagues, including the WNBA, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the NHL. Not to mention Kyle Rittenhouse, the white 17-year-old wannabe vigilante who kills two protesters and wounds another in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Locally we had two shootings in under twenty four hours in Mount Vernon, I never even got to the shootings in Yonkers, and lets not forget being in the middle of a never seen before pandemic.

So this is the first time I have had a chance to address this. One, I am not even going to point out the obvious, that it was an extreme excessive use of force to shoot an unarmed man in the back seven times, even more irresponsible to do so in from of his three young sons in the back seat, who will never be the same witnessing this atrocity.

But to add insult to injury after leaving Jacob Blake paralyzed, law enforcement had the audacity to handcuff him to the hospital bed and post a deputy outside his door like he has a reasonable chance to run away and escape. Seeing the interview with his father, where he said his son asked dad why did he shoot me 5 times, he didn’t even realized he had been shot seven times, probably had gone into shock after the fourth or fifth bullet pierced his spine.

He was left paralyzed and shackled to a bed and the 17-year-old white teen from out-of-state, travels to Kanosha, shoots three people, killing two and is able to walk past the same police department with a long gun strapped to him and able to drive back home to Illinois. And people have the audacity to ask us why we scream Black Lives Matter. Why we talk about white privilege, implicit bias and systematic racism in law enforcement. Cops also use the excuse they feared for their life from an unarmed African-American and Trump has the nerve to talk about protecting white people in suburbs from us scaring them to vote for him. I call Bullshit, WE ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE SCARED!

I feel some kind of way writing an editorial announcing Jacob Blake is no longer shackled to his bed like that is some kind of victory. He should have never been handcuffed to the bed, for that matter, he should have never been shot seven times in his back, he should not be laying there paralyzed while the officer who attempted to murder him walks free and sleeps in his own bed with his family.

I feel some kind of way writing the announcement that warrants against the father of three were vacated after $500 bail was posted. The criminal case against Blake remains open like its is some kind of a victory.

I applaud the NBA Players and all the other athletes who shut down the sports world and cut into what would have been nonstop conversation on the news about the latest dozen of so lies Trump and his followers told that day at the convention. Trump, Pence and not many of the other speakers spoke about Jacob Blake but blamed the protesters for the violence, never addressing the frustration of Black and Brown folks being shot, shot at and killed with impunity by law enforcement and wannabe vigilantes.

I had to take a break from covering the news to get this out, the frustration I feel. the pride in the young NBA Players who said allowing us to wear our social justice issue on back of our jersey and Black Lives Matter t-shirts while they play ball on with Blacks Lives Matter painted on the court. Its just symbolism without substance and the Players who look like those who are being killed did not fall for it and demanded more or they were willing to shut down the rest of the season.

Everyone reading this I encourage to pick up the phone and demand justice for Jacob Blake, demand Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey be arrested and charged with excessive use of force and attempted manslaughter (see numbers below”

Personally I am tired of writing about these situations over and over and over and nothing changes. I understand the frustration of the people protesting in the street, making the decision to choose fighting for social justice over their concerns of social distancing. I understand their frustration because I am frustrated and just want to shout while writing these words.


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