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It’s Official Senator Ruth Is Running For Mayor In General Election

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Mount Vernon – Rumors have been circulating in the City of Mount Vernon, anticipation has been building and may have speculated, while Mount Vernon Democrats waiting to hear whether of not, NYS Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson would continue her quest to be the to become the next Mayor in the eighth most populous city in the state of New York.

On Wednesday, after nearly a month of keeping a low profile, the Senator, broke her silence and officially made the announcement. The seven-term Senator, says she will indeed be running on the Working Family Party line in the General Election against the Democratic Nominee Councilman Richard Thomas for Mayor in the November.

“I’m in this race, underdog or the first dog, I’m running,” the Senator tells News 12.

Thompson, whose 36th Senate District spans the northeast Bronx and Mount Vernon, was elected in 1993, to the Mount Vernon City Council, serving as Council President and Acting Mayor. She served two terms before being elected to the state senate in 2000.

Now she returns back to Mount Vernon, where, against all odds, she tells News 12, she plans to be the next mayor of Mount Vernon

After her official announcement on News 12, Mt. Vernon City Democratic Committee Chairman Reginald Lafayette issued a statement to the press, urging Thompson to support the nominee.

“Councilman Richard Thomas won the Democratic Primary for Mayor of Mt. Vernon by a landslide 1,500+ votes more than Senator Hassell-Thompson. Ignoring the wishes of the voters who elected Councilman Thomas as Democratic nominee is a monumental mistake.”

Hassel-Thompson, who if elected would be the first African-American female Mayor of Mount Vernon, will face off against Democratic nominee Richard Thomas and Councilwoman Deborah Reynolds who will run on the Conservative Party line. Then there are the rumors that Mayor Ernest D. Davis would run as a write-in candidate.

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